Friday, February 29, 2008

The headlines today

“Actress XYZ foray into small screen”

The alphabets screeched in bold font right in the second page of the newspaper. Very interesting headline especially when the markets are running low, Elections at Pakistan are running neck to neck and US trade is almost unpredictable. I was earnestly waiting for each one’s take on the upcoming budget.
Does the world care only for things like this? The introduction of new one lakh car by a well known company took almost a week to hit the headlines and I am still doubtful if people are aware of its implications and features.
When a popular actress had to ask forgiveness by the court because she created a ‘so called’ blasphemy, I remember very vividly that it hit the newspapers everyday without fail. My mother atleast looked interested in the case proceedings while all my neighbour noticed was the sari she wore to the court!
We live in the 21stcentury yet there are certain things that haven’t changed much-Our religious sentiments and the interest in others intriguing affairs. The former has created our culture while the later, the glamour world. Probably we haven’t realized our weakness but the newspaper editors have.Infact most of the popular dailies run just for the glamour.
Half my dear professionals at the software wouldn’t know that we are in the recession period but would name the twelfth cricketer of the Australian team.
“The right to information” sticks around our fundamental rights but then it is only a reminder and for those who attend quizzes every fortnight. You are just alienated if you don’t know the name of Tom Cruise’s child but it isn’t a big deal if naxals are wiping out a part of your country.
The truth is right on our faces. Everyone lives in fantasy and would come back to reality only if it lurks in the corner. Neither do we want to be aware nor does anyone take efforts. I do agree that melting ice glaciers don’t make an interesting topic but we are going to face its consequences and not that of a high paid model or hit list movie.
What is wrong in the system? Who is to be blamed? The newspapers or the media or the dozen radio channels and millions of commercials? Hmmm…but they aren’t fools .They know where the money is and how to make it.
Why is it that most of us don’t make an attempt to know things and find out more? Is everything becoming a fairy tale? Do we have answers to a child’s every curious question or do we just ask him to shut his mouth? Each of us think that the other will take care of every problem and conveniently blame it on others when things don’t turn out good. Awareness needs to be created and captured at the right moment .By doing that; half of tomorrow’s problems could be prevented. Sometimes we might just not know but have a solution.

‘XYZ’s program is called moments of life’, I couldn’t stop myself noticing, ‘and it is to be telecasted every weekend.’
Bah! Certain things simply don’t change

The journey of life..

Amidst placid green, stood I in uncertain grief,
Shuddering because of cold or fear,I could not say
Among the misty white,unseen were magnificent gates,
I stood summoned and to open one I did not endeavour
Voices sang pestering to move my resilient feet
With prayers and words,I pondered over a stone cold lock
Mystic hands favoured me,insides assured I was not alone
gate gave away showing what seemed like a never ending lane
The destination stretched far but still near
The herculean journey began right here
The ground was hard, dusty and very cruel
My sole was not spared but my mouth spoke no word
pacing slowly this way was my grisly nightmare
Then father in heaven above sent down some angels
warm,lovingly they came down in musical pantomime
Twirling around in lovely circles,some moved away
Showering warmth and blessings upon me,most bade farewell
My journey was hindered with thousand leaps and falls
The guardians helped me up with grace
Sometimes my mind vagued and I seemed lost
Some blessed ones were the light guiding me
Hands shivered,lips dried and my eyes expressed weakness
Few God’s servant were my dying munificent energy
I moved slowly in the doomed unknown path
My footprints were the reminiscent of fondling memories
My heart told stories of hard struggle and victories
My loving guardians made me sing praise of Lord
Though my strength seemed excruciatingly doubtful
Though my destination was still an undying mystery
Though I did not propose to return any favour
Though I pleaded with sunken heart and asked them not to suffer for me
Very few of them earnestly walked the long tiring journey with me

me...just me..

It sounded like the rumblings of that would sound comparatively melodious. The only cacophony that reached my ears and I could do nothing but clutch my teeth. I could hear the grinding sound from the mouth.99..97…96..95..It didn’t help. I could feel it rising very steadily and very much terrorizing.Yes, my temper. Shut up! shut up! Commanded one side of my head and I tilted it a but it was of no use. I couldn’t stop the voice .Adding to my woes, the other side of the head began to voice aloud. Why am I not talking back? Ask him to shut up. What does he know of my problem? “Look here my girl!! Are you aware that you are 15 minutes late. Who did you think runs this place?” the boss screamed or atleast that’s what he thinks-the boss. The fingers gripped even tighter. Probably it will take ages for the mark in the palm to cease. The temper rose even further. “Not my performance.Dont you dare pick on my performance. I have been spent every waking hour in the project” That’s what I wanted to scream back but my lips just tightened even more. If he didn’t stop, I would simply burst frustration… in anger ..or simply in anything that sounded wild. My eyes didn’t settle anywhere but sometimes in his collar where I wanted to strangle him right there. If looks could kill, then I would have murdered long time ago. “Just 15 minutes. What does this fellow know about the traffic? Half the company’s profit is spent on his AC car and still he thinks we are reason?” .Drat!My mouth was completely glued. “open.. open…”I demanded but it was just reluctant. I stood frozen at a place like even a slight move could cause a disaster. I began to wear out when he suddenly said “now, move on and don’t repeat this again”.It was like I got a new life. All my muscles relaxed and I breathe out. “Sorry sir”. The only words that came out. One quick turn I flung open the door and moved like lightening. I didn’t bother to close the door and could hear it slam loudly. The entire glass shook and sent vibrations in all directions. Now this felt better. A lot better than all my anti-anger therapies.Afterall I am a human being too.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The light on the wick..

Perched above in blends of orange and yellow,
Made its presence like shy new-wed bride,
The flame of desire,
My mother's hand sheltered around,
To protect the vulnerable from nature's blow,
The flame of hope,
Flickering up and down;dancing merrily on the wick,
Casting the glowing reflection on pure oil,
The flame of sacrifice,
Showing off with radiant glow,
Murdering the cotton and oil on its way,
The flame of harwork,
Advancing its job in stealth and no noise,

Staying adamant in its place on top,
The flame of consistency,
Warming its neighbours and casting shadows,
Treating its guest with its light,
The flame of love,
Oh flame!!
You are teaching men the lesson of life,
Of values and morals never denied.

The inspiration

“Which young celebrity is a role model for today’s young Indian women?”

I tore the paper with disgust and hurled it right across the room. That was the sixth time in a row. Will I be able to pursue my M.B.A. dream?-I was trying to answer the question when my eyes hit upon an article.

It was about Sarath Babu, a 27 year old who did a management course at IIM-A and started his own food firm. I would have passed it on as an another story of a talented boy but the twist was that- he was from the slums of Madipakkam,Chennai. Sarath knew nothing except studies in his younger days and even poverty didn’t stop him.
He had no plans for his future but only to earn money and help his family. How many people we know have this determination? This became his greatest strength-not willing to give up.

The story went on stating that he had a very humble beginning, studied at King’s Matriculation school and after topping the twelfth board, joined BITS Pilani.His pitiful childhood and his mother were his greatest inspiration. His mother, Mrs.Deeparamani raised her four children by selling idlis on the pavements and helping in preparing mid-day meals at a government school. Sarath till now owes his entire success to his mother.

Even at college, poverty daunted him but he never complained He had to work hard for l scholarships to pay his fees and his sisters pawned their jewellery. When he organized an event in the third year of college, he realized about his management skills. He worked for Polaris for 3 years where he paid off his loans and then rejected all offers from different companies to start his own firm at Ahemdabad-Food King Caterers. Why the Caterers? It was because he never forgot his past and the idlis which seemed like a very special breakfast when he lived in the slums. He even quoted, “serving someone food is an extremely satisfying feeling. The smile you get after giving food to someone is an experience to cherish”.

It would have been a challenge to start a venture after college but his childhood taught him to believe in dreams. He is one person who dared to dream against all odds. He is all set for a brilliant start.

A straight forward and a genuine goal to provide employment and benefit the poor people. ‘A bold mindset, confidence and gratefulness to people around’ is what we need to learn from him.

I collected the papers strewn all over the place.” I am going to realize my dream, become an entrepreneur and do what it takes to get there” glancing at the article again I said loudly, “just like Sarath.”
An inspiration is instilled and I am learning from him.

Reference: The Hindu and Internet
(This was one of the finalist in an essay writing)