Friday, February 29, 2008

The headlines today

“Actress XYZ foray into small screen”

The alphabets screeched in bold font right in the second page of the newspaper. Very interesting headline especially when the markets are running low, Elections at Pakistan are running neck to neck and US trade is almost unpredictable. I was earnestly waiting for each one’s take on the upcoming budget.
Does the world care only for things like this? The introduction of new one lakh car by a well known company took almost a week to hit the headlines and I am still doubtful if people are aware of its implications and features.
When a popular actress had to ask forgiveness by the court because she created a ‘so called’ blasphemy, I remember very vividly that it hit the newspapers everyday without fail. My mother atleast looked interested in the case proceedings while all my neighbour noticed was the sari she wore to the court!
We live in the 21stcentury yet there are certain things that haven’t changed much-Our religious sentiments and the interest in others intriguing affairs. The former has created our culture while the later, the glamour world. Probably we haven’t realized our weakness but the newspaper editors have.Infact most of the popular dailies run just for the glamour.
Half my dear professionals at the software wouldn’t know that we are in the recession period but would name the twelfth cricketer of the Australian team.
“The right to information” sticks around our fundamental rights but then it is only a reminder and for those who attend quizzes every fortnight. You are just alienated if you don’t know the name of Tom Cruise’s child but it isn’t a big deal if naxals are wiping out a part of your country.
The truth is right on our faces. Everyone lives in fantasy and would come back to reality only if it lurks in the corner. Neither do we want to be aware nor does anyone take efforts. I do agree that melting ice glaciers don’t make an interesting topic but we are going to face its consequences and not that of a high paid model or hit list movie.
What is wrong in the system? Who is to be blamed? The newspapers or the media or the dozen radio channels and millions of commercials? Hmmm…but they aren’t fools .They know where the money is and how to make it.
Why is it that most of us don’t make an attempt to know things and find out more? Is everything becoming a fairy tale? Do we have answers to a child’s every curious question or do we just ask him to shut his mouth? Each of us think that the other will take care of every problem and conveniently blame it on others when things don’t turn out good. Awareness needs to be created and captured at the right moment .By doing that; half of tomorrow’s problems could be prevented. Sometimes we might just not know but have a solution.

‘XYZ’s program is called moments of life’, I couldn’t stop myself noticing, ‘and it is to be telecasted every weekend.’
Bah! Certain things simply don’t change


Anonymous said...

Excellent!, i should say.But don't blame the paper for the second page.They have it as an entertainment page and where else will they put the news. If u want the election n other so called hard stuff,see the center page.
Getting serious, I think the teachers are to blame for this.If u let the youngsters chatter, they will follow the showbiz end they cant change it through their life. School teachers should encourage discussions and debates on everyday issues hence developing interest among students.
And about the media, I would like to quote Aamir khan here 'There are no news channels, you are all entertainment channels'.
I especially liked your ending:)

hantan said...

the problem with news channels is that there are so many out there. Competition has led to each striving to get more airtime. for this they shud portray what the viewer wants the most. for business there are specific channels and the viewer will watch that. but the general human tendency is to watch the tv for enjoyment. portray anything glamourous, or gory or spine chilling or touching -there customers are watching it. within a blink of the eye, half an hour is gone. the intent of the TV 'news' channels have been fulfilled. i never cared for Sunjay dutt or give a crap if he's married to Manyata or if that marriage is nullified. but i cant help it. i no longer choose what I see. the internet provides a good alternative, but it is a static piece. i know what to expect next. this bores me. hence i get back to the TV and start gobbling the crap they offer me.

You may ask "Why is it that most of us don’t make an attempt to know things and find out more? Is everything becoming a fairy tale?"
the spirit of inquisition starts with one basic motive - need. I don need to know whats happening is the mentality of an average indian. We indians are not used to a risk taking life and are contented with a secure job. our mindset is a risk averse one. this kinda mindset doesnt allow us to look beyond what we have. there's no necessity for it. We tackle problems as they come. we dont have a proactive approach towards our life.
Only one thing is certain. Everything is interconnected. We are products of what we were and what others were, what they have made us become. Life's like that.

Subha said...

Hmmm...One of my friends joined my school in 9th std and she came here all way from abu dhabi.The study methodology there seems highly distributed.They just arent thought about the usual lessons but even reason out why pollution is bad.She was even able to distinguish each flag and currencies .But here, these are merely the last and unwanted subjects.Have we lost the interest or has it not been instilled at all?

Rasika said...

hmm.. thought provoking definitely.
I have felt ditto for a long time, it is jus so frustrating sometimes.. coz even if u wanna do something to make the system better, u quite don't know how.
... rather u have to think abt a million cons that might come your way. probably why ppl are so satisfied living in their "secure" circle!

subs said...


Sorry that I didnt notice your comment.True,every one wants to live their own way and for themselves.