Friday, February 29, 2008

The journey of life..

Amidst placid green, stood I in uncertain grief,
Shuddering because of cold or fear,I could not say
Among the misty white,unseen were magnificent gates,
I stood summoned and to open one I did not endeavour
Voices sang pestering to move my resilient feet
With prayers and words,I pondered over a stone cold lock
Mystic hands favoured me,insides assured I was not alone
gate gave away showing what seemed like a never ending lane
The destination stretched far but still near
The herculean journey began right here
The ground was hard, dusty and very cruel
My sole was not spared but my mouth spoke no word
pacing slowly this way was my grisly nightmare
Then father in heaven above sent down some angels
warm,lovingly they came down in musical pantomime
Twirling around in lovely circles,some moved away
Showering warmth and blessings upon me,most bade farewell
My journey was hindered with thousand leaps and falls
The guardians helped me up with grace
Sometimes my mind vagued and I seemed lost
Some blessed ones were the light guiding me
Hands shivered,lips dried and my eyes expressed weakness
Few God’s servant were my dying munificent energy
I moved slowly in the doomed unknown path
My footprints were the reminiscent of fondling memories
My heart told stories of hard struggle and victories
My loving guardians made me sing praise of Lord
Though my strength seemed excruciatingly doubtful
Though my destination was still an undying mystery
Though I did not propose to return any favour
Though I pleaded with sunken heart and asked them not to suffer for me
Very few of them earnestly walked the long tiring journey with me

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