Thursday, February 28, 2008

The light on the wick..

Perched above in blends of orange and yellow,
Made its presence like shy new-wed bride,
The flame of desire,
My mother's hand sheltered around,
To protect the vulnerable from nature's blow,
The flame of hope,
Flickering up and down;dancing merrily on the wick,
Casting the glowing reflection on pure oil,
The flame of sacrifice,
Showing off with radiant glow,
Murdering the cotton and oil on its way,
The flame of harwork,
Advancing its job in stealth and no noise,

Staying adamant in its place on top,
The flame of consistency,
Warming its neighbours and casting shadows,
Treating its guest with its light,
The flame of love,
Oh flame!!
You are teaching men the lesson of life,
Of values and morals never denied.

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