Friday, August 29, 2008

multi tasking

I am a multi tasker.Ya,I am.You want to know how?

1) I can message while walking on main road(with couple of "speeling" mistakes but to some extent professional)

2)Can listen to mom's advise while reading a book.

3)Can act like listening to staff and write records underneath.

4)Can handle phone n messaging at the same time.

5)Can talk,eat and listen.

6) Can browse, listen to music (and register dad's clamour:)).

Mr.Warren Buffet..Im employable.


hantan said...

I second that..
but here's one thing u shud
Read quant problems and start practicing speed math simultaneously. try that

subs said...


*cough*cough* If i did that,I wouldnt be begging Warren Buffet for employment;)

PreethZzZ said...

hahhaa... who ever knew u had soo much inbuilt talent! ;0 LOL!!!! paaa genius ma u r! ;)

subs said...


He he he..i know.Not jus a genius but a multi talented genius:)

Anonymous said...

I think the list is too small. You are fully capable of doing more than this. ;)

subs said...


Absolutely.I don't boast.he he he

hantan said...

even if u did that, u ll be begging buffet for employment..
here one thing u also do

msg a friend, pull ur own leg(requires quite a talent or this one)and find all by yourself that u are hopeless... without just any provocation

machan ABC and me stand testimony to this one

subs said...


err..shall we leave it jus b/w us??the world thinks im a genius;)


Nice one!

subs said...

@Raji aunty

Thanks a lot:)