Saturday, September 13, 2008

The gesture

My courtesy starts with a 'hi' and ends abruptly with a 'bye'.The rest is just curiosity.

One fine morning,or almost afternoon,I was looking at my hopeless hairstyle when the phone rang.It was my friend from banglore -my classmate in school.I was pretty surprised because we occasionally spoke and shared news for not more than five minutes.

"You home? You free?",she yapped.
I was wondering why she was so excited.
Looked at my watch like a big shot and said "Absolutely free".
"Come to waves then".
I was again surprised.Took me time to even realise what she was saying.Waves,the apparel stores,was like ten minutes drive from my place and a person from Banglore cant be there.
"You here in Chennai? When? Why?What?How?"
Ok,Only a fool can ask more than what  wise can answer.
"You come here na.Will explain everything."
Excitement can do wonders.I was outside in another ten minutes.
While on road,memories flashed.I remembered her only in uniform.By the time,I could even visualize my school days,I was inside the shop.
I scanned the entire women's section.hey!!that could be her.nah!!This??Too tall.Must be the one in red shirt...
"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii subhaaaaaaaaa" came a voice from behind.
I turned.Same enthusiasm.Simple.Sweet.Same.
I stood like Zombie.I dont know why I do that .
Suddenly even before I could realise it,she hugged me.I didnt expect that.
What did I do?
Stood like zombie.
"So,how are you??How is life?'
"Everything good.And you?"
Even spoke like Zombie .

The story part is over.Nothing funny or memorable.An incident to show how nice some people can be and how stupid one can be.It is all about gesture.

Why am i writing this?
Because I  dont know what I should do first when I meet my 'good old days' friends.Should I give them a hug?

I really havent found out.



Yes, of course - if it comes naturally. Sometimes these gestures are impulsive.
But you made the biggest gesture - rushed to meet her at the drop of a hat!

subs said...

@Raji aunty

Wow.You are right.I didnt realize it.I am not very bad after all:)

Karthick Prabu said...

I concur with Raji's point on rushing to the store to meet ya friend.

In addition to that, if (s)he is a good friend, hugging should do wonders.

subs said...

@karthick Prabhu

Realization dawned:)

Prasanna said...

awesome .. dats chweet really! :)

subs said...