Friday, September 26, 2008

How to write answers in AU exam?

Very often I wonder what have I gained in 4 years of my college life (apart from the kgs) ?
Technical knowledge? Hmmmm..
Practical?  Huh?

Ah!To write effectively.Yup.Bingo!!
Now,I am a very creative writer.

So,in this post,I am to explain "How to write well in AU exam".

Lets take an example: 

Question: What are logic gates?

Answer: A circuit that uses binary inputs  to perform a logical function.

Before you start,chew on this.
1) Never stop an answer in a single or double line.
2)Let adjectives and adverbs be your strong point.Master them before your first semester.
3)Implement longer sentences.
4)The most vital point.Carry colour pens-the more you use them,better the scores.

Remember to sit for a longer time in the hall.Not that you are going to score more but it will definitely scare the peers.

To proceed with the writing part:

Answer: A circuit that uses binary inputs  to perform a logical function.

1) When you have no clue at all
(or asked for 2 marks)

 Logic gate,as the name suggests,is a gate of logic.Since it is logical to use it,it is also known as logic gates.The gate or electronic circuit (as we are electronics engineers we tend to use more of electronics) that has the ability to perform the logic using the logical functions on the electronic circuits is widely known as (also known as ) logic gates.

2) When you have partial idea:
(or asked for 4 or 6 marks)

2) (a) ..Oh yeah!Forgot to mention.If possible ,try to write in points and use all Roman numerals and alphabets available.Stick on to Indian alphabets ,otherwise they could be mistaken for formulae.

so,here it goes again.

2) (a) Logic gates (double underline)

Draw diagram

*It is the basic element.The most fundamental element that make the electronic circuits.The vital part of all digital system.
*It is a gate.
*It uses logical functions
*It uses and implements logical functions on gates
*It can be used in electronics.
*It is used to perform a logical function.

2 (b) Another way of creative writing
(or asked for 16 marks)

*What are logic gates :(double underline and double space)
Draw diagram

They are gates used in circuits.
They are logical gates using logic.

 * What are gates?(double underline and double space)
Draw diagram (same but horizontal view)
They allow inputs.
They provide output.

*What is logic(double underline and double space)
Draw diagram(same but vertical view)
The circuit that uses logical functions.
They are used in electronics.

*Why are they used?(double underline and double space)
no idea
Staff did not teach
I did not listen
I am stupid
I am subs

* When are they used(double underline and double space)
Whenever anyone wants to use it.
When people are bored.

*Advantages of logic gates(double underline ans space)
It is relatively simple
It is compact
It is compatible
It is easy
It can be used with everything

* Disadvantages:(double underline and space)
It is not relatively simple
It is not compact
It is not compatible
It is not easy
It cannot be used with everything.

Conclusion (Double underline and space)
They are gates used in circuits.
They are logical gates using logic.

3) When you know the answer

This situation never arises.If it does,it does not appear in the paper or it is considered out of syllabus.

Now you know what to write.
Write legibly.
Use as much as words as possible.
Drag sentences.
Colour the paper.

People benefited from above post can leave comments below.
The comments will be used in the book to be published.




subs said...


Ask any Anna Univ students,they would say the same:)

T.K. Ram said...

the same can be applied in vivas as well... in group vivas, there is an added advantage... u just need to start a sentence and convert it into a GD where the whole group gives its input.... for instance,
teacher: tell me about reinforced cement concrete linings used in rooftop construction

me: actually, they are reinforced so that they become stronger

friend1: ya... and concrete is actually used after reinforcing it first

friend2: in fact, the strength of the reinforced concrete is more...

friend3: in rooftops, they tend to be used to cover the roof

me: after they are put up in roofs, u can't see the sky anymore

u get the hunch don't u?

subs said...

@t.k. ram

Thank you so much for the input:)

Great and sounds exactly like the things we did at college.Very funny. he he he he

BTW,you are a professor yourself.GULP :/

Aditya said...

this used to work during school days and in board exams !!
Good to hear that it works in your university...
come to think of it doesn't in our college...which makes me feel kind of sad :| ..Used this technique in school pretty effectively :) esp in Social Studies and Biology!! :D

subs said...


It happens everywhere and depends on the masses.The more the people do it ,more it becomes the rule:)

skullz said...

Well, I never used these tactics, I always considered the teacher to be dumb to give marks for such answers. Nevertheless the post was hilarious, especially the advantages and disadvantages well versed, carefully composed.

subs said...


Thanks a lot:) You see,experience speaks :) grin*

Bhargavi Krishnan said...

boss.. this post shud receive an award from the univ.. bravo!!

subs said...


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Really?? The university would sue me if they found how I wrote the exams :)Thanks for ur comment.