Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This and that(2)-Theatre musings

1) Four of us went to a movie called "Exorcism of Emily Rose".We didnt intend to go to any particular movie and so the choice was random.The movies with the exorcism tag has always scared us which thrilled even more.As soon as the movie started,my friend Indu shut her ears(a natural response when the horror movie starts).The first half was only some stunts performed by the protagonist or the ghost or the lead role(all same) .In the interval we had a discussion of what had happened so far.The Hindu review had claimed the second half to be very scary esp the part where the ghost reveals itself.The lights were switched off and the movie started again.
This time, all of us shut our ears and looked..looked ..looked..waited..waited..till..
"This story is based on true life story.
"The End"

2)After watching dasavatharam for the the second time,five of us came out of the theatre battling the crowd.Two of the policemen outside were doing their job of directing people.One of them turned his head somewhere near our direction and shouted
"Arivu irruka?Thalu..ada chi thalu..%$^&%*^&%^%(&(^&*"
He was getting heated up.
"Who is the idiot blocking the way?" ,I asked my friend.Both of us turned around and scanned.There was no one in sight.We looked in front,realized our folly and moved out of the place.

3)First day ,First show- very rare, but we accomplished this and the movie was "shock" which was a remake of Ram Gopal Verma's hindi flick. The theatre was full and it gave us the immense satisfaction.The sound effects were so great that the calling bell rung in the movie sounded even horrendous than the intended noises.When the movie got over,we realised the guys who sat in the front provided more entertainment than the movie itself.

4)Movies with college friends are fun ,provided you go to the right movie.We bought couple of tickets at Rohini for the Movie mayavi.The first shock was that the theatre itself was empty except for you-know-whos.We were in the last seat trying to make the maximum noise and annoy others in the theatre.It was kind of ok in the first half.When the second half started,we tried the same.It went on for few minutes and after that...
I got up suddenly ,looked around and realized where I was.
Looked at the screen-it was blank.
Occasionally,I am that pathetic.

5)My first movie at my most favourite theatre sathyam was Ayutha Ezhathu.I went with couple of school friends after the boards.I was fascinated with everything-the ambience,the stall and even the big dhabba of pop corn.I got the pop corn.It was very huge and could be generously shared.I passed it on and started talking to my friend on right.After few minutes,the box came back as expected.It was empty.

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