Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meow meow

"See,3 lakh applicants for CAT this year".

She turned towards me and gave a lazy look.

"But as the probabilty goes,only 50% would be serious which brings the count down to 1,50,000", I said and looked if she was still interested.There were no signs of irritation and I continued.

"In that,first attempt and beginners who don't know how to go about it are 50%.So,its 75,000 of competitors."

"Mock takers are even less-35,000 in TIME,20,000 in IMS and 10,000 in CL and other institutes.Moreover people doing dual mocks are to be counted.Eventually,around 40,000 are mock takers."

"In that 10,000 would be employed full time or with heavy work load which means they cant cope up and this leaves us with 30,000 people"

"Lets say around 10,000 of them are GRE and GMAT takers.Yes,there are people who do that and place foreign degree as their first priority which now brings the CAT people to 20,000."

"In that 20,000,I could be better than say, 25% of them which now makes my competition as 15,000."

"A 98 percentile which might get me an IIM call or SP jain or MDI means I need to be in top 300.I know atleast 10 people personally who will make it to the IIMs,another 20 through forums.So,say roughly around 40 people.So,260 left are my real competition."

Considering the skills or even language or luck,lets say 80 are behind me.Now its just 180.Hmmm..possible na??" I asked with earnest.

She took a deep breathe. "What was your Data Interpretation mark in last mock??Did you manage to clear the cut off atleast ?",she asked.

I looked at the book that lay in front of me.Some things are better untold.



Very interesting!

subs said...


He he he ..It happened.When it did,it wasnt funny :(

Aditya said...

I guess this post would inspire people writing CAT '08 ...but the flip side is that you would not want them to realise that actually the competition is amongst such a meager number...anyways nice post and it shows one truth about CAT !! :)

(Don't get overwhelmed by the number of test takers! :D )

subs said...


No,dont ever go by this.The whole is just a "preconceived notion" and based on no data. I was trying to reassure myself and maintain the cool.

Thanks for the comment:)

Bhargavi Krishnan said...

superb work.. beautifully put!!

subs said...


Thanks a lot :) .Hope results are better than "being untold"