Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hear ..hear..

What do you expect to hear from others? My opinions on it.

Father : The exact opposite of what you claim. Whatever you say doesn't matter and it is absolute nonsense.

Mother: What father says but refined so that it favours you too. You are confused on whose side she is.

Sibling : Listens to your argument. Tries to make sense of it or shuts up. Mostly tries not to involve.

Friend : Says what you want to hear. Whether it is right or wrong doesn't matter.

Boy friend / Girl friend : Digs, asks more and listens patiently. Doesn't give opinion on the spot. Usually silent but makes a mental note of everything.

Cousin : Polished speech. You have no clue whether it is mockery or advice. You sense ignorance every time.


Rasika said...

ditto abt wat mom says :)

subs said...


N dad??

Shas said...

Friends are like sugar cubes.

hantan said...

best friends.. hehehehe

subs said...


:D:D:D..have to think..probably cry with u :D