Saturday, October 17, 2009


I look at my blog. Nothing new and nothing useful.Just like my life.

Is it worth pushing yourself beyond capability and trusting the instinct every time?Is it necessary to tolerate things happening to you when the truth is slashed across your face and let you know that you cant do it?

On the whole, is it mandatory to do things that you hate just because your ego does not let you accept that you are incapable?

I rather not do a thing I hate but do hundred things I love. Maybe, the thing I hate is going to give me everything-secure future, happiness, pride and even make others happy. But at the end of the day, I just realize I have been cheating myself.

Is it of any use?

P.S.; Sorry for the dysfunctional post. Looks like I am turning pessimist now.


hantan said...


subs said...


No clue what the smile is for. So :)

hantan said...

a genuine post tht made me smile.. not saying the rest arent genuine enough, but this is a stand out in genuinety.. hence smiled.. :)

(substhebest thinks - aah now i understand this guy)

subs said...


Glad u got the inner meaning ;)