Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank you :)

One of my closest friend here put up this as a poster on my bday :) Thanks Sumit. God bless you loads :)Made me feel really special.

When u come, people run.. some even try to jump,
It’s your courage that you take this as your triumph.

How can we forget to mention your awesome play in baddy (badminton),
When you hit smashes players hide out and cry aloud really baddy.

Even your helping nature is like one big crane,
That’s why we never mention in front of you even if we have some pain,
Coz we know you pick up any1 down and put them directly into drain.

We are fan of your skills to pull up the CP,
We wonder how can a person just pull out something, impress and than for rest of the period just do TP (time pass)

Though never wanted to tell the truth, but letting it up for every1’s gain,
Every thing above is our brain train,
We know here is Subha and Subha is here to reign,
But today let her be only our friend and let us take this gain.

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Dear.. God Bless..

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