Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Semma figure : A write up for those understand this word

Some words are specific to era and some, to a genre of species. But here is a collective noun used by both “our” era and reckless genre that depicts the Victoria’s secret, but in our native language: semma figure (figure to be pronounced as figur’u’). The first impression when the word is uttered seems crude and raw instigating a temper rise in anyone who hears it, surprisingly, that is not what happens. I am more than curious to know its origin; may be it was first used by a guy, probably a math freak and didn’t know how to describe his only girl friend.

This word is myriad in itself as it invokes different feelings and reactions in different people. I emphasize this because if pronounced properly and given the appropriate action stimulus, the response could work out in your favour.

(1) To modernize :

Guy 1 : “Machan! Yesterday, I went to the team outing da. There, I saw a semma figure”

Guy 2: “Is it? How was she da?”

Guy 1 : “Red kurta and blue jeans and she had left her hair open. Aiyoo, chanceless da “ (Give a dreamy look to drive in curiosity)

How many of us would see a girl of the same description? One in every street? But the understanding lies in the usage of the word. If I told you I saw a girl or even a pretty girl, it wouldn’t give this effect on the other person. When “semma figure” is used, it would give a sense that Sameera Reddy jumped out of the theatre screen and gave a kiss.

(2) To compliment:

Girl 1 : “Hey, did you see Vijay?”

Girl 2 : “No. why?”

Girl 1: “Want to slap him. He called me figure.” *giggle *giggle*

Just like Sheldon of Big bang theory, I can’t get the hang of sarcasm but my best bet is that she was proud of being called so. It is like being given a credit of a super model. Women may be annoyed with you for using a couple of swear words but not this paradoxical hypocrisy.

(3) An “adjective” ated usage:

Guy 1 : “Mokkai figure da”

Guy 2: “Yes da. Attu figure”

Guy 1: “Suma super figure nu nallapu”

(This could have been the reaction had the red Kurti girl said a no for his date invite. Also, there are no ways to translate this)

The concept here lies in the mixing of words to make it a proper adjective. The word ‘figure’ can be used in more than one way giving it a unique identity. It has various meaning from classy or sexy to rotten or ugly.

(4) Time pass usage:

Teacher: The angle depicted in this figure is 90….


Teacher turns around

“What happened? What is so funny in this figure?”

*more giggle*

Except for the Pi lovers, no one else will miss this instant of mocking mathematics. It is a pleasure in itself which makes you feel even prouder than Aryabhata who approximated Pi to its nearest value. It is like beating him in his own game, the cheap way. This is what the significance of the word is.

To find a word as this is a chance upon a million. A multi oriented word invoking different of reaction, sentiments and making language and expression easy.

I once remember my friend’s comment when his GF told him that she was called as one of the “figures” in her office. He just claimed even “8” was a figure.


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loved this piece. Keep writing


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Thanks Renga :)