Saturday, April 30, 2011

The factor analysis

The following write up is a subtle gender bias. Probably not the first time but there is only one gender I know of, while the other remains among the mysteries unraveled. “Girl talk” is what would be running in everyone’s mind. Defying the age old story, I say men are little hard to understand.
Among the 3.5 billion approximate, why is that we often fall for the special few? No, it is not a typos error; it is ‘few’ and not one. Also, ‘we’ here are the females. Unless we are shut away on a female island or our parents are extremely orthodox who run scripts of ‘abhishtu’s’ when we take a second look at a guy, I am pretty sure that we would have interacted with at least 20 men in our lives. Simple ones, hep ones, boasty ones or a character that is just inexplicable but we end up just pampering one.
What is that girls look out for in men?
Looks? We have our own subsets of external appearance: handsome, cute, a mix of handsome and cute, hunk, not good looking but something extra (when we don’t have an adjective) , hot, rot, skunk, sweet, sombu, pazham, nerd, stud etc. Quite an exhaustive list. Remember, nerd are not the ‘dislike’ types or hunks are not the ‘sought out’ types. Every guy with decent looks is up on the list. This way, looks are disqualified.
Intelligence? If that was the case, Einstein would have been celebrated till today. Too much intelligence is scary and too less, you know is dangerous. We look for intelligence that we can challenge and are willing to give in trivial fight. We don’t want a “you know nothing” in things that are too arbit or “you know a lot” in things that are important. We seek for intelligence that make quick decisions and stand to their forte; knows what to talk given a situation.
Maturity? Sages in age old eras did say the right thing, men mature late. Most times, never. Maturity is all about how one carries himself and what he talks. That is all. But, this character of life is the most difficult to portray. Maturity is hard to find and we don’t go searching for things that are hard to find. Period.
Polite, soft spoken? This generation is a totally influenced by movies. Polite and soft spoken are wrong signs. In fact, they are not even characters to define a person. If you lower the decibel in the voice, it becomes polite. Nothing more, nothing less.
Sense of humour? Does making someone laugh called a sense of humour? If not, what is? I believe sense of humour lies in individual’s capability to laugh and not in the person’s ability to make the other person laugh. I have known instances where I have seen girls laugh out loud and hard just for the expressions made by the boy. Does this qualify a sense of humour? Boys are boys and not circus clowns.
Down to earth, modesty? Consider a situation, when there is nothing to flaunt, how else do you expect the person to be? Modesty is recognized only in higher levels. When in small amounts, it is camouflaged in traces of ‘nothing’ness. So, calling a guy modest is just a symbol of appreciation and nothing to do with the inherent character. It just grows with age and sense of how others look at you.
Uber cool? What is this word/adjective of definition? Does it mean ‘a complete package’ types? Please look around. Found anyone? If yes, please let me know too.
I have all the characters that can make a guy lovable but not able to narrow down to that “x” factor of a guy. With myriad of choices, how does a girl seek one? How does she connect to very few guys and banish the rest?
Defying the age old story, I say men are little hard to understand.
But agreeing to it, women are extremely hard to understand.


Nirmal said...

Gosh... that was indeed an in-depth analysis... :)

You cracked the "tall, dark and handsome" myth... :)

my inference... u either single or have a plenty of time at hand... LOL..

nice read... loved it....

subs said...

Most say that more analysis is needed :) Thanks a lot :)

R.L.SM.IYAPPAN said...

wud hav loved more analysis from you !! a more indepth coverage... wud have loved to know wat a girl expects from a boy(even more clearly)

Anonymous said...

Thou I am reading ur blog for quite sometime, this post made me to write a comment. A good post to startwith in this subject, but as most of them said (referred from ur comment) there is even more to be explored. Yeah atleast on a comparitive note, men are easier to udnerstand than that sense you can keep analysing to come with a more detailed blogpost in future. My wishes :)

subs said...


Thanks. Will do :)


Thanks for your comments. I will :)

Anonymous said...

Just read this post. a good read. :) likey.

You have to have a holistic view rather than focusing on individual traits/factors. :)

You can also consider 'elimination' factors. What are the factors that turn you off. eliminate the people with those traits and keep the rest.

Even better, Ignorance is bliss.

Subs said...


Yeah! I can do that too. Either elimination or forget it for good.

Thanks a lot :)