Sunday, October 6, 2013

Redemption of thoughts

#When you send entries and they are rejected.So.

Lines along the palm burnt, more than scorching sun over head,
Naked feet on the ground swell in meat of ignorance,
Choice was minimal and apprehension more, his life,
He picked the next brick that lay across with no remorse.

His black studded eyes took glances of the boy privileged,
Resided in mansion well protected and preserved,
Stood over the toes, to get a glimpse of his highness,
Through the window merciless saw the child with school uniform.

Obsolete dreams and future barricaded on the roads,
Bricks shone brighter, heavier by each year,
Tears of pain that flew, meant hunger disgraced,
His heart hurt with sorrow of this situation.

Scribbled the pencil, words faster than voices echoed,
His nose touched the notebook in search of ignorance,
Not of wholesome concentration, but lack of it,
Sound of two elders pounding on each other.

His mind strayed to the boy near the bricks,
Was exterior pain same as the internal burden?
Eyes bore tears of night full of hallucinations,
When voices pitched further, he held his shirt tighter.

He didn’t want a future but run away from all of it,
Peeped out of window at the boy near the brick,
The trauma in home had swallowed every bit of his life,
His heart hurt with sorrow of this situation.

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