Thursday, February 28, 2008

The inspiration

“Which young celebrity is a role model for today’s young Indian women?”

I tore the paper with disgust and hurled it right across the room. That was the sixth time in a row. Will I be able to pursue my M.B.A. dream?-I was trying to answer the question when my eyes hit upon an article.

It was about Sarath Babu, a 27 year old who did a management course at IIM-A and started his own food firm. I would have passed it on as an another story of a talented boy but the twist was that- he was from the slums of Madipakkam,Chennai. Sarath knew nothing except studies in his younger days and even poverty didn’t stop him.
He had no plans for his future but only to earn money and help his family. How many people we know have this determination? This became his greatest strength-not willing to give up.

The story went on stating that he had a very humble beginning, studied at King’s Matriculation school and after topping the twelfth board, joined BITS Pilani.His pitiful childhood and his mother were his greatest inspiration. His mother, Mrs.Deeparamani raised her four children by selling idlis on the pavements and helping in preparing mid-day meals at a government school. Sarath till now owes his entire success to his mother.

Even at college, poverty daunted him but he never complained He had to work hard for l scholarships to pay his fees and his sisters pawned their jewellery. When he organized an event in the third year of college, he realized about his management skills. He worked for Polaris for 3 years where he paid off his loans and then rejected all offers from different companies to start his own firm at Ahemdabad-Food King Caterers. Why the Caterers? It was because he never forgot his past and the idlis which seemed like a very special breakfast when he lived in the slums. He even quoted, “serving someone food is an extremely satisfying feeling. The smile you get after giving food to someone is an experience to cherish”.

It would have been a challenge to start a venture after college but his childhood taught him to believe in dreams. He is one person who dared to dream against all odds. He is all set for a brilliant start.

A straight forward and a genuine goal to provide employment and benefit the poor people. ‘A bold mindset, confidence and gratefulness to people around’ is what we need to learn from him.

I collected the papers strewn all over the place.” I am going to realize my dream, become an entrepreneur and do what it takes to get there” glancing at the article again I said loudly, “just like Sarath.”
An inspiration is instilled and I am learning from him.

Reference: The Hindu and Internet
(This was one of the finalist in an essay writing)


King Vishy said...

Good one!! Sarath is a bigggg inspiration for all of us :)

subs said...

@King Vishy

Very sorry that I didnt look at your comment.Yup,Sarath is an inspiration:)(but ppl there were ignorant)