Friday, February 29, 2008

me...just me..

It sounded like the rumblings of that would sound comparatively melodious. The only cacophony that reached my ears and I could do nothing but clutch my teeth. I could hear the grinding sound from the mouth.99..97…96..95..It didn’t help. I could feel it rising very steadily and very much terrorizing.Yes, my temper. Shut up! shut up! Commanded one side of my head and I tilted it a but it was of no use. I couldn’t stop the voice .Adding to my woes, the other side of the head began to voice aloud. Why am I not talking back? Ask him to shut up. What does he know of my problem? “Look here my girl!! Are you aware that you are 15 minutes late. Who did you think runs this place?” the boss screamed or atleast that’s what he thinks-the boss. The fingers gripped even tighter. Probably it will take ages for the mark in the palm to cease. The temper rose even further. “Not my performance.Dont you dare pick on my performance. I have been spent every waking hour in the project” That’s what I wanted to scream back but my lips just tightened even more. If he didn’t stop, I would simply burst frustration… in anger ..or simply in anything that sounded wild. My eyes didn’t settle anywhere but sometimes in his collar where I wanted to strangle him right there. If looks could kill, then I would have murdered long time ago. “Just 15 minutes. What does this fellow know about the traffic? Half the company’s profit is spent on his AC car and still he thinks we are reason?” .Drat!My mouth was completely glued. “open.. open…”I demanded but it was just reluctant. I stood frozen at a place like even a slight move could cause a disaster. I began to wear out when he suddenly said “now, move on and don’t repeat this again”.It was like I got a new life. All my muscles relaxed and I breathe out. “Sorry sir”. The only words that came out. One quick turn I flung open the door and moved like lightening. I didn’t bother to close the door and could hear it slam loudly. The entire glass shook and sent vibrations in all directions. Now this felt better. A lot better than all my anti-anger therapies.Afterall I am a human being too.


hantan said...

ennadhu idhu???? somebody's been inspired by CAT RCs

Subha said...

Hey..that's totally my imagination:(..he he anyway I take it as compliment..I have the calibre for setting a question paper for CAT;)