Saturday, March 8, 2008


This is one of my favourites.Wrote when I was 15 and even won in an online contest.Might have many mistakes but who cares anyway:)Love the last few lines.

I look back at my gone days,
I never thanked you with my heart,
I see my mistakes every way,
when innocent face began to rot.

I cheated everyone till their sadness,
I didn't care for anyone.
I lied to all with boldness,
waited till job was done.

Money always mattered to me,
I got it by any way.
There was no place for 'WE',
I never listened to what everybody had to say.

Spring,summer,winter gone,
now I lay on my grave,
Thinking of things done,
lips began to pray.
I did it without knowing lord,
I am true to my word,
I set upon my knee ,
I began to plea,
forgive me.

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