Thursday, March 6, 2008

Whatever it takes.

Creative adj 1 having the power to create;2 productive creativity n
Innovate 1 to make changes in something established; introduce new thingsvt 2 to introduce as new

The difference as such puzzles me.When man invented the wheel ,they called it innovation and when rubber tyres replaced the wood,they called it creativity.Hmmm..It made sense but to distinguish both from each other was cumbersome.Then I came across an article which simply stated that creativity comes in a flash while innovation grows with time.So,an innocuous yet obvious question-What sells better?
Innovation is the introduction of something new .it is totally a new concept or theory or even an idea.An innovation to be innovated takes its own time.For example, the introduction of computers began with a simple abacus.The first computers were too bulky and needed skill to even locate the parts but when creativity struck,computers could be placed leisurely on on our palms and even an amateur could use it.
Innovation sometimes is accident.the story of our very own jeans is a good example.The workers at the leather factory weren't able to bear the heat and thus wrapped themselves in a material that we hug in today.Creativity played its role in turning this skin protection clothe into a fashion item.pager is an innovation and mobile a creativity.
The article strongly argued that one should be innovative rather than creative.i wouldn't agree with that.Innovation is needed to make things easier while creativity;to make things more usable.
Without innovation ,there could be no creativity but without creativity,the innovation simple fades out.

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