Friday, March 21, 2008

yeh dil maange "much" more!!!!!The box of my favourite hair colour and brand stood elegant on the shelf.That was the only one left .My eyes grew wider when I took a closer look.Here is something I wanted to buy for ages and had searched for it all over the major supermarkets in our locality.The content said ammonia free adding to my pleasure and choice.So,minimum damage and yet beautiful hair colour.There was a twisted shiny brown hair brush that came free with the box.The hair colour and the dress that I decided to wear that night would be a perfect match.My excitement rose higher.I grabbed it and turned to read more."Not my choice",I said and literally threw it back on the shelf.The reason was simple-there was a 3 digit number in black print and each digit was the last single digit:(.


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King Vishy said...

He he.. can understand..
And for this reason, I never get excited abt anythin until I know the price :)