Tuesday, April 8, 2008


My sister has always been smart though I rarely admit that to her. Anyway, I can say that with confidence because no one else knows her better. When her tenth result was out, all of us just grinned. Many score well in boards because they work hard while she hardly worked.Intelligence is the right term , I suppose.

We have one thing in common-rarely miss classes but our views are different. I attend them so that I don’t miss out on anything and she attends because she attempts most of the paper with what she listens in class. I think with my head while she thinks on her feet.Her intellectual talents don’t stop here.She has been selected in Olympiads many a times and a regular topper in national talent tests. So,you could say she is versatile.

Hey!I am not writing this in praise of her or even to shower her with love or anything but to give the general idea how smart a person she is.Hope you got the idea.

Now,coming to the point;IIT wants people like this(or that’s what it claims) and I believe she has got it all to make it there.

After tenth ,we put her in one of the IIT training institutes. I believe that these institutes are not only coach you to help you enter IITs but also provide a platform to show where you stand amongst the crowd. Mother was entirely pleased with the coaching centre but what remains irony is that the same institute coaches another 52,000 students the same way.

This was the time she worked.I think I am understating the ‘work’ part.I have heard of passions but never felt it all my life. Whenever I enter the study room(a rare occurrence),I see her work furiously.You know they say something like work with heart and soul-exactly the same.I am not exaggerating.But I didn’t see this only with my sister but her friends too.

My curiosity got better of me-I questioned them all .Half of them said it was their dream; other half ,their future; while some explained that they love to study(wow!quite shocked when I heard that).I always make a mockery of the mock tests. Everyone acts like they are for real.After a mock test is done they discuss ,grumble and make some avowals but always took it serious.Infact the entire preparation was serious.

The teachers were dedicated.I have hardly seen staffs so broadminded.The collective IQ of the staffs in her school alone could be more than the collective IQ of my entire college(he he he).No rote learning or teaching ;all solved just like that.She was very satisfied with the institute.She says that she doesn’t care if she gets through IIT or not but has enjoyed every moment of working for it.Thats attitude in my opinion.

Yesterday, sister’s batch wrote the IIT exam. 4 years at IIT has been her dream for past 5 years.Friends and her discussed the paper as usual in the evening.Looks like all have done their best.

What is daunting me is that when the results come in june first week,It is definitely going to make some sad while other’s fulfilled.That one day is going to justify everything-a student’s smartness, hard work,passion and dedication.That just one day.

Can things be more absurd?


Anonymous said...

Younger siblings are always smarter than us ;)

subs said...

Hello brother..U r the second one:)

gaurav said...

does that one day really justify smartness etc??...don think so.life is more than iit.

subs said...


First of all,thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.

Exactly,Thats what I have been trying to convey.But everyone is judged only on the D-Day.
I agree with you too.Smartness can be defined in many ways.