Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The numerology..*cough cough*

I love numbers.Not quants or the ones you break your heads over but one's date of birth and blah blah blah.Hey come on!Don't tell me you haven't looked up at tarot cards or got interested in some rare predictions.So,Here it is-my take on numbers.

Make sure you comment so that I can improve on my numerological skills;)

People born on (only date of birth and not month or year)

01,10,19,28-Dominant,Optimistic,possessive,stick to their principles.

02,11,20,29-Fickle minded,very friendly,loves to have fun,trendy.

03,12,21,30-Very friendly,soft spoken,a bit introvert(still experimenting:))

04,13,22,31-Very smart,friendly but not close to anyone,talented,lazy.

05,14,23-Love their family than anything,fickle minded,soft spoken,spend thrift.

06,15,24-Very smart and talented,modest,love to show off,enjoy life to maximum,hardly depressed.

07,16,25-creative,lazy,popular,friendly,lives for the moment.

08,17,26-(I consider this a powerful number) Ambitious,talented in a particular thing and will eventually get it,bold,extrovert,will not stick to a person anytime.

09,18,27- Soft spoken,secretive,helpful(still experimenting)

Post in your views .Will include all that.


Jedi said...

Well i can say as far as my date of birth(24th) is concerned you are bang on target.
Though i am only doubtful about smart and talented.

As far as showing off is concerned you are absolutely correct.

subs said...

ha ha are talented, so you showing off is justified:)Do put in your observations too(Learning is a part).