Wednesday, June 11, 2008

gundu vandu..

I AM FAT.I declare that to the world .Cha yenna declare ??pathalaey theriyum:(.

Is being fat..ok ok..some choose to say chubby bad? Hmmm..not fair,I am not obese(psst..have done that weight-height ratio thingy many a times). Occasionally, one or two people tell you that you have put on extra pounds.Just grin and joke about it-matter solved.But what do you do when 7 people on average tell you that every day??..look at the mirror ,turn one side then other side,pull in your tummy and again turn one side and finally find out that the reflection occupies more space than it did previously.(Mirror thappa irrukum oh??..possibile..try maximum excuses).

After excessive brooding (with lays packet in hand),I decided to take measures.My friend suggested that I go to Gym.Many people suggest that but it makes sense only when there is a need.Honestly.I hate Gyms.One-you need to to move every muscle and two-I don't know how half the instruments work.(pathetic..seri free vidu). Alas, I wanted to try it anyway. There was a gym in my own quarters where I live.(Apa escape,no instructor).Even before I could savour the happiness, one guy (almost a hunk ) enters.Why are there mirrors all over the place?I went red when the guy gave an astonished look.Cant blame him-he was seeing something like a hippo riding a cycle.He suddenly asked-'what are you doing'?.Even before I could answer,couple of advices and suggestions poured.Never interrupt an expert.After vigourous nodding of head I left the place and made sure I change the timings from next day.

Good things dont last for long.Next day I went into the gym late evening making sure that the guy wasnt around and worked out(ok,in my own experience my way) and at night every muscle made its presence.Too much pain for a single day and Gym plan dropped the very next moment.

Dieting was the next step.Not fair at all-All tasty things are fattening.I love food(what is it called-epicure ah..whatever).I simply couldnt keep my hands off many things.I tried my best,I assure you.Even the salads and juices idea didnt last for long(hey,even my family needs to keep a check on the prices..inflation ,you see ,has affected everyone..then how can we afford vegetables and fruits?:)).

Walking is good and helps to keep fit.Simple and easy I thought.Actually it was, till my dad intervened.His walking and my jogging matched.Why does he have to walk so fast and maintain the same speed for all 8 rounds around the park.First , I was brisk but by the end of 5th round ,I paced like a snail and in the final round- collapsed.So,plan slowly dropped.

'It isnt working',I thought.Keep a check on the dresses you wear.Like my dad says 'yethu irruko athu thaan varum and theriyum'(fav dialogue for photos n poses).Dresses didnt make any difference.

After all that,I decide to stay and eat healthy and so as my first step- declare it to everyone.Phew,article completed...crush crush crumble crumble.. and so my lays packet.


Arul prakash said...

Why worry about what other says, if you live by what others say you will never be happy....The greatest pleasures one can have in life is eating...if you like to enjoy it please do...kavala padadhey sagothiri

"No one can make you feel inferior ithout your consent."
Eleanor Roosevelt

subs said...


Thanks a lot.Thats the attitude.

i was jus refering to my lackadaisical nature where I seem least bothered .Sometimes it can be dangerous too.I love eating but a little control is needed. It's not an inferior nature,(def not,did i mention it anywhere?) but unwillingness to take control.

Thanks a lot.

P.S.: I am not very fat as I claim to be:).It was exaggerated for humour.

Anonymous said...

Hey good humorous post.. espescially I liked that '7 people a day' n 'hippo on d cycle' parts.. only just that I don't appreciate the lie (P.S) in ur reply comment:)

subs said...


U r jus jealous:P