Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This n That

Sometimes it is not intended but turns out humorous-my college days..

1)6 hours of Engineering Drawing because the sir had not completed the "portion".
"When the L.V. of the structure or the building...."
Suddenly I raise my hand n say 'Excuse me sir,I have a doubt".
The whole class is woken n every head turn towards me.
Sir is startled.
After few secs of silence,he asks "out?? u said want to go out??..ya, pl do".

2) In lab,swapna n me were working on a circuit but whatever we did ,the needle in the ammeter simply didnt budge.
"hey sugan,get another ammeter pl"
Sugan was also our batch mate(in fact 3 others who were chatting in the corner were our batch mates)
Promptly she found one.No use-it still didn't work.
"shall we get another transistor?". Even that didn't work.
"cha",I said finally,"I have a feeling that we are making a fundamental mistake".
Swapna turned towards me ,slapped her forehead,went to the corner and switched on the main.

3) On the very first day of college,Gaay and I were discussing about book banks.
Just to clarify our doubts,we turned behind n asked the girl "Where are you planning to get your textbooks?which book bank?"
She cleared her throat and said "British Council Library".
No expression on our faces,our eyebrows lit up n we turned front.
The girl(Mini-now my close friend) and I hardly visited the college library in the four years.

4)Once outside the networking lab.
"hey subha,got ur lab shoes??" my batch mate asked.
"Nope,I didnt.Jus the way we planned.Dont worry,they will allow us in".
Jus as luck could have it,HOD came.
"where are your lab shoes?"
Everyone looked at each other and then at me.I was the only one who seemed composed.
"Maam,it's only networking lab and we are going to work on computers.So,no shocks."
"hello!!Computer runs on 220 V.Quite enough to kill you!!",she said.
"Then why is that we remove our shoes when we go inside the computer lab", I asked.
Got a point,I thought.Everyone grinned at me.Felt like their saviour.
"subhashree!!You are lazy enough and give excuses like this??This is not the way to talk or argue.Rule is a rule"
We were made to stand out for three whole hours.

5) Lab n me have something to do with each other.
Once I came barging inside the lab after doing some errand for our symposium.I
put on the coat as I was entering.Didnt realise staffs were seated there.
Then one of them called out for me.
In all that hurry and with a confused expression I moved towards him.
"Any idea what lab is this?",he asked.
Ok,after three weeks,this should have been easy.
I gave a blank look,then turned towards my batch and asked "hey!!sir has a good question.What lab is this?"
He was shocked and put his hand on the head.Jus few minutes back, he had been telling his colleagues that our batch was the most sincere.(it's not my fault)

6) There was this staff who had a annoying habit of conducting "so called GD" everyday in class.
She would come up with abrupt topics and make students talk on it.I was called out everyday.
But my other classmates usually dont bother or jus say 'no idea'.
So,I decided to make it clear to her that I was not interested too.
"What would have if we had no reservations?",she asked one fine day scanning the entire class,"subhashree,tell me.."
I took this as an opportunity and said "I have no clue ma'am.Absolutely clueless".
She hadn't expected this from me and silently moved towards the board.I was glad she got the point.
Out of blue,She suddenly turned and asked "Subhashree,stand up and tell me -why dont you have any clue?"
I gave her a blank stare.Think I cursed myself too.


Anonymous said...

First one was the best. Your Sir was very smart asking that question.

I remembered Viveks dialogue while reading your 4th point. "Aprram en mottai madila vadam kayapodarachey kakava veratareenga.." [:P]

subs said...


He he he..funny as it happens.

Hey,too much of movie influence.You got a movie dialogue for every single thing:)