Friday, September 26, 2008

How to write answers in AU exam?

Very often I wonder what have I gained in 4 years of my college life (apart from the kgs) ?
Technical knowledge? Hmmmm..
Practical?  Huh?

Ah!To write effectively.Yup.Bingo!!
Now,I am a very creative writer.

So,in this post,I am to explain "How to write well in AU exam".

Lets take an example: 

Question: What are logic gates?

Answer: A circuit that uses binary inputs  to perform a logical function.

Before you start,chew on this.
1) Never stop an answer in a single or double line.
2)Let adjectives and adverbs be your strong point.Master them before your first semester.
3)Implement longer sentences.
4)The most vital point.Carry colour pens-the more you use them,better the scores.

Remember to sit for a longer time in the hall.Not that you are going to score more but it will definitely scare the peers.

To proceed with the writing part:

Answer: A circuit that uses binary inputs  to perform a logical function.

1) When you have no clue at all
(or asked for 2 marks)

 Logic gate,as the name suggests,is a gate of logic.Since it is logical to use it,it is also known as logic gates.The gate or electronic circuit (as we are electronics engineers we tend to use more of electronics) that has the ability to perform the logic using the logical functions on the electronic circuits is widely known as (also known as ) logic gates.

2) When you have partial idea:
(or asked for 4 or 6 marks)

2) (a) ..Oh yeah!Forgot to mention.If possible ,try to write in points and use all Roman numerals and alphabets available.Stick on to Indian alphabets ,otherwise they could be mistaken for formulae.

so,here it goes again.

2) (a) Logic gates (double underline)

Draw diagram

*It is the basic element.The most fundamental element that make the electronic circuits.The vital part of all digital system.
*It is a gate.
*It uses logical functions
*It uses and implements logical functions on gates
*It can be used in electronics.
*It is used to perform a logical function.

2 (b) Another way of creative writing
(or asked for 16 marks)

*What are logic gates :(double underline and double space)
Draw diagram

They are gates used in circuits.
They are logical gates using logic.

 * What are gates?(double underline and double space)
Draw diagram (same but horizontal view)
They allow inputs.
They provide output.

*What is logic(double underline and double space)
Draw diagram(same but vertical view)
The circuit that uses logical functions.
They are used in electronics.

*Why are they used?(double underline and double space)
no idea
Staff did not teach
I did not listen
I am stupid
I am subs

* When are they used(double underline and double space)
Whenever anyone wants to use it.
When people are bored.

*Advantages of logic gates(double underline ans space)
It is relatively simple
It is compact
It is compatible
It is easy
It can be used with everything

* Disadvantages:(double underline and space)
It is not relatively simple
It is not compact
It is not compatible
It is not easy
It cannot be used with everything.

Conclusion (Double underline and space)
They are gates used in circuits.
They are logical gates using logic.

3) When you know the answer

This situation never arises.If it does,it does not appear in the paper or it is considered out of syllabus.

Now you know what to write.
Write legibly.
Use as much as words as possible.
Drag sentences.
Colour the paper.

People benefited from above post can leave comments below.
The comments will be used in the book to be published.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This and that(2)-Theatre musings

1) Four of us went to a movie called "Exorcism of Emily Rose".We didnt intend to go to any particular movie and so the choice was random.The movies with the exorcism tag has always scared us which thrilled even more.As soon as the movie started,my friend Indu shut her ears(a natural response when the horror movie starts).The first half was only some stunts performed by the protagonist or the ghost or the lead role(all same) .In the interval we had a discussion of what had happened so far.The Hindu review had claimed the second half to be very scary esp the part where the ghost reveals itself.The lights were switched off and the movie started again.
This time, all of us shut our ears and looked..looked ..looked..waited..waited..till..
"This story is based on true life story.
"The End"

2)After watching dasavatharam for the the second time,five of us came out of the theatre battling the crowd.Two of the policemen outside were doing their job of directing people.One of them turned his head somewhere near our direction and shouted
"Arivu irruka?Thalu..ada chi thalu..%$^&%*^&%^%(&(^&*"
He was getting heated up.
"Who is the idiot blocking the way?" ,I asked my friend.Both of us turned around and scanned.There was no one in sight.We looked in front,realized our folly and moved out of the place.

3)First day ,First show- very rare, but we accomplished this and the movie was "shock" which was a remake of Ram Gopal Verma's hindi flick. The theatre was full and it gave us the immense satisfaction.The sound effects were so great that the calling bell rung in the movie sounded even horrendous than the intended noises.When the movie got over,we realised the guys who sat in the front provided more entertainment than the movie itself.

4)Movies with college friends are fun ,provided you go to the right movie.We bought couple of tickets at Rohini for the Movie mayavi.The first shock was that the theatre itself was empty except for you-know-whos.We were in the last seat trying to make the maximum noise and annoy others in the theatre.It was kind of ok in the first half.When the second half started,we tried the same.It went on for few minutes and after that...
I got up suddenly ,looked around and realized where I was.
Looked at the screen-it was blank.
Occasionally,I am that pathetic.

5)My first movie at my most favourite theatre sathyam was Ayutha Ezhathu.I went with couple of school friends after the boards.I was fascinated with everything-the ambience,the stall and even the big dhabba of pop corn.I got the pop corn.It was very huge and could be generously shared.I passed it on and started talking to my friend on right.After few minutes,the box came back as expected.It was empty.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The gesture

My courtesy starts with a 'hi' and ends abruptly with a 'bye'.The rest is just curiosity.

One fine morning,or almost afternoon,I was looking at my hopeless hairstyle when the phone rang.It was my friend from banglore -my classmate in school.I was pretty surprised because we occasionally spoke and shared news for not more than five minutes.

"You home? You free?",she yapped.
I was wondering why she was so excited.
Looked at my watch like a big shot and said "Absolutely free".
"Come to waves then".
I was again surprised.Took me time to even realise what she was saying.Waves,the apparel stores,was like ten minutes drive from my place and a person from Banglore cant be there.
"You here in Chennai? When? Why?What?How?"
Ok,Only a fool can ask more than what  wise can answer.
"You come here na.Will explain everything."
Excitement can do wonders.I was outside in another ten minutes.
While on road,memories flashed.I remembered her only in uniform.By the time,I could even visualize my school days,I was inside the shop.
I scanned the entire women's section.hey!!that could be her.nah!!This??Too tall.Must be the one in red shirt...
"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii subhaaaaaaaaa" came a voice from behind.
I turned.Same enthusiasm.Simple.Sweet.Same.
I stood like Zombie.I dont know why I do that .
Suddenly even before I could realise it,she hugged me.I didnt expect that.
What did I do?
Stood like zombie.
"So,how are you??How is life?'
"Everything good.And you?"
Even spoke like Zombie .

The story part is over.Nothing funny or memorable.An incident to show how nice some people can be and how stupid one can be.It is all about gesture.

Why am i writing this?
Because I  dont know what I should do first when I meet my 'good old days' friends.Should I give them a hug?

I really havent found out.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hidden n not able to seek

Childhood is all about innocence and energy .The enthusiasm never dies out.The colony where I live carries my fondling memories and I can relate each and every tree or building to an incident.People moved out and in ;I even made good friends but when I think of what I did as a kid,it makes me smile.I am surprised at my own vulnerability.Here is an experience from my good old days.

We (or rather a huge gang of guys and girls) had  unique game every season.Once it was hide and seek.Once you start playing a game;you find out the tricks and gradually the interest fades out.Innovative we were;we always framed different rules to make it exciting everyday.The rule of that day was -the girls were called "seekers or catchers" and the guys "hidders or sneakers"(i don't know how we came about names.Now you ask me think of a name for something or someone,my mind freezes.We even named a game "Greaxe") .The game began around 6 p.m.

The girls (as far as I can remember-Gifta,Prathyusha,Amrutha,Ramya,Monisha,my sister and me) started counting.We count till 2 3..8 9 10 and that ten times.he he he..we were math geniuses.By the time we counted,we also cheated.Open our eyes and find out which direction the guys run and even make strategies like which girl has to seek in which direction.

We never went alone when seeking.Not because we were scared or anything but the guys run so fast that it's impossible for 'a girl' to catch 'a guy'(pun unintended and a call for quotas).Gifta and me were the accomplice for the day and we were to seek the darkest and creepiest places as we were the eldest in the gang!!

At this point,I have to atleast describe the colony.It's huge and a paradise on earth.Now and not then.It was under construction or say, not very well built.This gave additional opportunities for guys to hide themselves in every nastiest corners.Some even climbed buildings on the rope that were used for construction that it takes 4 girls(two on the terrace and two down) to catch him.The colony was a complete amaze and a maze.

Gifta and me first went to a place near the car shed.Very dark and spooky.
"Will he be here?"
"I saw him run this direction"
"He must have seen us and taken another"
"Lets anyway try na".
We always spoke.Speaking was like soothing.It made the place seem less scary.
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttt?? I screamed while both of us took to our heels in some direction.
where?where?(like the snake awaited my presence)
Dont know .green de, green.that plant snake.(yup,even our colony snakes had their own names.)
We looked at each other and slowly went in the same direction.there was something worse than snake.Ranahexadactyla..err..thats the scientific name for frog..huge ..slimy..ok,stop.
Frogs are even scary than snakes.Dont ask how but to us they were.Snakes crawl on seeing us frog jump on us.See- the difference.
Out of that place.

Next,we went on to search every building's terrace.Terrace is a lovely place.Breezy and scary; still lovely.Our favourite hideout due to which it was taken out of "the hidding" places in some games.
We spotted no one and heard shrills all over the place.When we looked down some4 girls were chasing a single chottu guy and he was running for his life(exaggeration but thats how he ran)."prasanth out,prasanth out!!",the chorus was sung to defame and dethrone the guy.

In another hour,a very sweet long hour,all the guys were caught except one-Jobin.Jobin ,Gifta's brother was  the athlete of our colony.Unmatched and unsaid king.7 girls and the guys met and discussed strategy yet again.The boys would join our team when they are caught.You might think it's sweet.No,it was annoying.They would keep screaming"Jobin!!run!!Girls on terrace","Jobin run!!Girls in the library".This way, the undisputed king would run to different places.

Each of us went in a different direction talking,discussing and even analysing.30 mins passed..60 minutes passed..90 mins passed..120..ok,stop right there.It was late night.
"where is this fellow hiding?"
"Aswin sollu da"(aswin tell us)
"I dont know".
"nee sonna nallaiku,neeyum naanum MAD gamela partners"(If you tell me,we will be teammates in the game called MAD).
"I  honestly don't know"
We were drained out.Completely.Defeated..oh..that we never agree upon.We were tired "of" the game.

After quite sometime,it was getting panicky.All of us started shouting his name aloud(at the same time annoying all the dhaadhi maa's who were gossiping in the park).We even made the younger guys to check in the gents restroom in the club premises.
"What if he had gone into that Atreya basement?",asked Monisha
Atreya Basement was considered haunted(Not by ghosts,come on, we are practical) by generation of mice.They squeak and we scream.Thats what happens.
"I checked there",said Aswin and we looked at him like he was the God.

We searched frantically and everywhere.So the guy has got a place that no one knew before.
"This is getting scary.What if he suffocated?",I asked.
Everyone glared.This is what happens when you ask sensible questions.
Now everyone began to give an idea like this.
"Stop it!!!!Let's go home",Gifta said.
"Go home?What about Jobin?",Prathyusha asked
"He will come back when he is tired or bored",Gifta said.Jobin and Gifta were siblings and when a sibling says that,all of us had to agree.After 10 minutes of gossip ,we vacated the place.

Sister and I were dead tired.We were half scared and half worried about Jobin.If he told our parents,they would come up with their own theories.Some things better untold. We went to our rooms,acted like studying while discussing where Jobin would have gone.
The phone rang.
"hello subha!!"
"oh Gifta,tell me"
"Jobin has been home since 7!!"
"what??!Oh!!never mind,bye"

I didnt know whether to cry or laugh.Slumped on the sofa and fell asleep.