Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brick Bats

I am in love with the smileys :)  They are adorable  and convey a lot if you analyse them closely.When someone sends across a smiley,you always imagine the "expression" the person gives.It is like "a picture conveys thousand words". It is also an indication for ending a conversation.A couple of straight smileys means that the other person is bugged or bored and it ends right there. Adding to all that facts, smileys are even cuter than the real facial expressions :D!! *grin grin*

The reason I use lot of smileys . It is simple. I exploited , I used them in every text message and most of my mails,chats and blogs.

All was well until I read a mail in which some researchers from some country in some lab decided to make a research on the smileys:(.Are people that jobless? According to them,people who use smileys frequently are considered flirtatious and want attention all the time.

I may not know who I am  but at least to some extent, whom I am not (confusing? that is the whole point).I ignored the research as baseless and useless. 

The problem started.It was like this;every time I used a smiley,I had second thoughts.However I tried to ignore,the mailed flashed before my eyes. To add to my woes, my sister also mentioned reading something on the same lines somewhere. That is when I started using lot of *cough cough*,*grin grin* and *ahem ahem* s.

In spite of all this,I simply couldn't stop using smileys but I often wonder if all this is what is called human psychology. Why ponder into things that are unnecessary and followed by large mass. Consider people start researching  about eating habits and claim if a person gulps food in a go ,he is considered intelligent??!!

Sigh!!However hard we try to ignore all the "research based " issues,it lingers in our minds whenever we perform the act.

Curses curses!! :( :( :(

P.S. ; I named the post as "brick bats" because I liked it.Hope some researcher in Iceland hasn't got any problems with it.Hello!!Haven't they got their "entire country devolving" problem to solve??


skullz said...

:D .. Well, I firmly believe that you cannot change the person you are and trying to be something you aren't wont make u much happy besides would decrease your life span ;) . So, if you are flirtatious or an attention seeker then I would suggest go ahead and flirt/seek attention as much as possible :) may be wen u find the rite one u'll wont have to curb it cos it will stop on it own :)

Waise articles on such research topis and others like dating or eating habits can be ignored safely :) often, they are not true

subs said...


Thanks a lot for the comment.

Hey can anyone decide "what kind of person you are" by just looking at the smileys? I am already having hard time answering questions like "tell me about yourself ". Things like these make me feel even worse.