Saturday, March 21, 2009

The dark knight...

I took a sly look in his direction. He was still there. The same place and stood waiting.I made no sudden movements.

I took a step forward like I was checking out hot coal-cautious .I could hear my heart pumping. He stood still and relished the fact that his victim was intimidated.I tried showing no emotions but every time he tilted his head, sweat trickled from my brow. I took a long breathe and moved  forward very slowly.

I clutched my bag so tight that it drew new lines on my palm.The pain went unnoticed. It wasnt as bothersome as him. I took another look, this time, a full view.

I wondered how I didnt see him in the first place. I took notice only when i felt the leaves rustle behind me. I felt foolish. I felt lost. I moved slowly again. Even though I didnt face him, I still could feel his sight behind me. I made a silent prayer. My mouth waiting to cry out loud any time.

My vision of the path in front seemed dazed. I was not concentrating. I just followed my heels. I didnt know where I was escaping to.

Life is not fair. God is biased. Why give some the powers to cause fear while others to just run.Was  he was made to frighten me? Why me? He took his chance when I was alone. Did he dare when I was with others? He dare not. He knew his limits. There was no time to think rubbish, no time to lament, no time to wish. I needed to move out from the place-somehow and safe.

When every strategy I tried failed, I had no choice but to wish. Wish that someone came by or something happened to just frighten him off. But the morning was as silent as ever and this added to my fears. Why was he that cheap to choose the same girl over and over again? But then, it was him. It was in him to seek the weakest prey. 

My eyes went watery but I didnt stop. Held my bag so tight. Now, I waited for him to do something. I was ready. I was brave.Or at least acted brave.

He tilt his dark head one more time. Spread out his wings and cried out loud.

The raven flew down the tree in my direction and I ran out of the place. Ran for my life.A great escape again from the bird,the dark knight.


Rasika said...

adi paavi!

subs said...

grin grin :D

Anonymous said...

The initial two paragraphs gave a hint that it would something like this.. only that I thought i must have been a cockroach.. hehe.. later thought it should be a dog.. but didnt expect a raven..
Nice narration though


subs said...


He he he..cockroach could have sent me running all over the place:D:D.

Leonard Vijay. R said...

Good one! :)

subs said...

@Leonard Vijay .R

Thank you :)

SUNNY said...

nooooooooooo!!! i ws luking for sm different ending..
bt still..its gud :)