Saturday, May 23, 2009

Om Namo Narayanaya Namaha..

First of all, titles can be abrupt , bad or even make you wonder what it has to do with the text. I have known to set up strange lines but it happens because I am clueless on how to start .

Forgive the dimwit.

Yesterday, after a long long long time, I happened to go to a temple with my family(to temple-weekly, with mom-occasionally, with family-hardly). So, it was kind of nice feeling yet strange and funny occasion.
Why strange and funny?- read on.

"Take the lamp on the right", my mom ushered while i was still scanning at the numerous lamps that were laid over a large steel table with newspaper on.I couldn't decide and so picked something in random.I walked slowly into the temple such that it gave an illusion there was going to be a nuclear holocaust nearby.

"There is a big lamp. Lit yours there. Do not lit from other people's lamp".I could hear my mothers commanding voice from behind. I was shocked to see the big lamp. Technically, it was not a lamp but blazing fire that grew an inch every minute. Probably,I am still immature to divinity that can burn my fingers.I gave my mother my most innocent and helpless look.

"Useless!!Can sit at home and eat well only!!cant do....". Okies, you got it. And rest you know.I just made sure that no one was around to hear this.

I wiped off the oil slyly in my dupatta(the obvious reason that there were no rags nearby) and bent down to the floor to worship when...drat!!..all the contents in my bag promptly fell out making the loudest possible noise.Mom did her eye exercise again while i did my own of looking somewhere else other than at her.

We moved inside the temple.Temples are always fascinating. They give you an aura of something powerful which goes beyond my capability of explanation.I made two wishes and hoped someone would ring the bell after the two wishes. The place was crowded that people rang the bell every 30 seconds and I began to do the vice -versa of making wishes when the bell rang(Sometimes human beings can be desperate).Suddenly the lights went off. Bad luck i thought:(. But it wasn't. God looked magnificent among the lamps.I have never seen a spectacular view before.The priest was doing the pooja and the granny next to me was cribbing about everything around. Eventually, I was smiling, concentrating and listening to the priest.

When the darshan was done, we began to move slowly outside the temple.I often wonder how it happens to me. Like Mr.Bean jokes where you know what is going to happen next, I tripped over the floor and landed smoothly on the granny.

"Aiyooooooooooooo.......narayana......aiyooooooooooooo...pathu po matiya??"(Cant you see while walking?). I looked sheepishly. I could have done that "Pathu"(see) part if there were lights. I said hundred sorrys, bent down to see if she was  hurt. When I realised that she was fussing over nothing, I side stepped and moved out of the place.

I was glad when I moved outside in the cool air. My sister came out with her big grin stuck onto her face. I didnt look at mom and my dad gave no reaction. The floor was burning hot when we walked around the temple and so, sister and me were dancing all over the place.

We settled in a cool place in the veranda like thing when I saw the granny again. I tried to hide myself behind my sister. "Shall we buy muruku?", sis asked. I was glad to escape the granny and ran to the prasad stand.


bitter_chocolate said...

narayanaaaaa :) :) which temple was this?

Ishu said...

How did the murukku taste subs? ;)

Rasika said...

as usual-love ur writing!

subs said...


Singa perumal Kovzhil.. translated lion god temple :D:D:D

all u-kno-what prayers


Running away from patti drained all energy , so it was even tasty ;)


Thanks a lot.