Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bad hair day..

There are times when you want to run away from the world. When you want to get invisible and slap some people. Wished that time flew faster. Hoped that you could predict the future.

Worst- when you are feeling all of that at one go :(.

I am. Now.


Benny said...

Hi dude..first time here.. Nice one..I wil keep following..I m hapy to knw u r an indiblogger check my blog @ and vote 4 me @

Shas said...

I agree with you. These days almost everyday is turning out to be a bad hair day for me. No amount of conditioner is able to set my hair in place.

subs said...


Thanks a ton.Checked your blog. It is awesome :)


hantan said...

someone calls u hi dude and you reply to that without attempting to correct it.. sometimes partha is right

subs said...


Doesnt matter. Looks like he has come for some other reason ;)