Sunday, August 30, 2009

Namma Ooru T.Nagar

Caution: If you know the place T.Nagar at Chennai, you will enjoy this. If not, you will get to know the place .

The symbol "P" of Pothys is like a light house.Yes, you can see it from all four corners of T.Nagar. So, in which direction will you head to when your friend says Pothys ?? That is T.Nagar for you.
The word to describe the place- confusion.
Your Rs.2500 leather bag is provoked by Rs.25 bag on street and it will be so identical that you would have forgotten in which hand you held the original. The roads are made into networks wherever possible that beats Japan roads hands down and in every nook and corner, you find shops that sell anything and everything and rates one-fourth the original.
A fly over was opened recently to reduce traffic but is far from it. The traffic still exists, now on the bridge itself.Underneath the fly over, you see human traffic(not trafficking, mind you) along with cows and dogs and you are not sure on whose foot(or paw) you stepped on. Vehicles are parked under the bridge such that you are perplexed whether the bridge stands due to the boulders or the vehicles.
People stop at every place and you suddenly find yourself not being able to move forward-why?because a couple have entangled not leaving each other and holding on to like crisis is nearing. The idea of romanticism in such place is something that leaves me in awe.
Everyone bargains at their loudest decibel so that it is heard by everyone. Probably, an idea of marketing. Here you find an amalgam of languages in one go; each shopkeeper addressing you guessing that you are from so an so place.
Most families in Chennai plan to go this place for a picnic. Good bargain I would say; complete package-you get what you need, get to window shop with no trouble, buy other things in cheaper rate and things to eat at every corner of the street.
Shopping in this place has its own pleasure.Couple of girls giggling at the earrings at a small roadside shop and boys hoping that the girls would finish with the shopping soon.At the end of the day, the experience would leave you amused and contented.
T.Nagar is a city in itself . Chennaites love this place and others who come here will learn to love it.


Naarya said...

yup! t.nagar it is!

skullz said...

:) .. I had been a resident of Chennai for 15 years . somehow I never got a chance to visit T-nagar .. shame on me ..:P

subs said...


The most crowded n 'happening' place;)

subs said...


U seriously havent been to t nagar??lol!!kidding?