Monday, September 14, 2009

Retrospection when you have committed a mistake

I look back and see the evil me. I smile at my follies. I know I have committed things that were so unknown to others. The satan arose. I hurt and it hurt me. I hate the hatred that existed.I loved the love that was given.In the times that lie ahead, the darker side of life and me.I wish time flew and I erased the naked truth. I wish I knew what was I doing at the moment. I envisaged life as a destination not a path.A path with hurdles.I wish I fell again and again so that the pain would take away the pain.
Lessons of life taught the hard way. And it does hurt.


Shas said...

There's an angel and a devil within everyone. Its upto us whom we allow to take over. The realization that we erred itself is new beginning. So let the past rest in peace for today is the day to begin anew.

Mansi said...

yes.....der do exist a devil within all of us........but der too exist an angel.....smetym the former tops d chart and sumtym the the thing is dat these two are part of "ME".......n so we have to love both of them.......
50% evil , 50% angel.......dats"US"

subs said...

@Shas and Mansi

True.But the 'devilish' senses seem to overtake the 'angelic' factors :(.

So its better we vent it out :).

Thanks a lot for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, coulndt understand the content but just that there is so much of a feeling.

Btw cuz, send a message to my mobile. I lost ur number when I changed the set.

And hey check my latest post. That is what is called time pass :)

subs said...


Ya, loads of feeling actually :)

And has my blog become a way of communication now ;)?

hantan said...

"The satan arose.I hurt and it hurt me." i wanna speak about this. msg me

subs said...


Chal! the post was written long time ago.