Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh meri Anarkali..

I bought an Anarkali chudidar which cost me 2k ! Yes, I was out of my mind when I got it.
It looked like it has been woven during the era of mughals .Rich and traditional. I simply couldn't resist buying.

Yesterday, my friends and me had gone shopping together to buy a gift for a common friend. While selecting a saree, I happened to enlighten two of my guy friends on what exactly was an "Anarkali" chudidar.

"It right tight on the top and flows down at the bottom. Ones you see from old movies where girls dancing in darbar wear", I explained.

One of them got a fair idea while the other still looked perplexed.

"Very traditional wear da. All hindi movies. Come would have seen one".

He still was confused. So, I looked around the shop and saw one of the mannequins wearing it.

"That one! that one!", I said excitedly.

My friend looked at it with interest.

"I have seen that! That's anarkali huh??. Isn't it similar to the gown that expected mother's wear?", he said.

I realised .Yes, I was out of my mind when I got it.


hantan said...

lmao.. hehehe.. after reading your friend's comments i am now sure you made the right choice in buying the Anarkali chudi.. :D :D:D

subs said...



Shas said... sure you must have felt like pulling your hair.

subs said...


I felt bad for myself. And also for the Mughal designers ;)