Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The journey

Here is a poetry of a kind. What kind? That, even I am not sure. Wrote it for a friend who experienced a break up.(You see, I was doing this motivating part)

The storm brew, clouds grew darker,

Lost in the sound of thunder, vigorous gushes of air

A flash from above and raging waves below,

Nature had its way, left me stranded,

Caught between an urge to escape and will to stay.

Mind remembers everything in crisis,

Thoughts flow in string of odd despair,

‘All was well, life was lived’,

‘Everything tranquil in eyes of all’

‘But, why me?’

I sought for answers, for questions I never knew,

Tried to mend things that could never be brought together,

Heart knew one thing; this is not the place to be,

‘I want to flee. But, why me?’

Plans were laid, expectations were set,

Journey was perfect; I thought it to be,

All seemed well, or I was blind,

‘Whatever may be, but, why me?’

Odds were at ends, does life need a chance again?,

The seas,the skies and thunders, everything scares me,

I wished, I pleaded, I begged,

‘Alas!I ask the same, why me?’

Humanity is a mistake, I am one too,

Like everyone who took up the journey,

For, everyone dreamt the same dream,

‘In all of them, why me?’

I wait for the thunders to cease , I wait patiently,

I wonder if it would ever happen,

I moved in the labyrinth for answers,

Sought to the caves for clues,

Where was I at fault that you punish me,

‘Oh God, why me?’

A voice spoke, not from above,

Not from distant stars or heavens,

But one within me,

‘Journey is a stroll, until you believe,’

‘When fear hovers over faith, you are as good as dead’

‘Journey is not to be crossed, but experienced and learnt’,

‘It is not destination that matters, but each stride’

‘Face it , my boy! Like men of material have’

‘Live it up,my boy!To move or stay, choice is with you.’

P.S.; Excuse me, he liked it!


Rasika said...

oi subha... i wait for ur posts u kno that

subs said...


Thank u . Thank u. But i dont post many of my poems. Will do in future.

Rajendra Raikwar said...

I will surely come back for more