Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When girls play Counter Strike..

Srinath: Illidian
Sharmi: Ellyse
Yours truly:Raven

And the game begins:

"Raven!!cool!! stay there! stay there!!guard that door", Ron shouted. My ears split.
"Aye Aye captain." I guarded the door.Obviously, the virtual door, waiting for the terrorists to enter.
"Shit man!Ron!the turn around! they might come that way!", yelled Illidian and I became deaf.
"Oh ya! mmm, go guard Raven's back. Possibility of them coming that way". As soon as he said this, three terrorists entered the door. I clenched my teeth and started shooting like they were really going to kill me. Suddenly I felt shots from behind.
"What the heck!!Did the terrorists kill mmm? Someone is shooting me.".
Ron glanced above the screen and saw mmm was still alive. "Hey mmm,whats happening. Are you not guarding Raven's back?
I turned around(obviously in the game) only to find mmm's gun pointing at my butt,ooopppss, guarding my back :(.


hantan said...

change the last line (sucks) and please add more story to it..
thanks in advance..

subs said...


Not changing the last line. That is me, you know it :).