Sunday, March 14, 2010

Then and Now

Five years ago:

I yawned and read the contents at the same time. My mind was blocked and I turned to see what my friend was doing. She had made herself comfortable on the bed and looked dreamily at the book that lay in front of her.
"What you doing?", I asked , breaking the silence.
"Was just thinking", she replied.
"What??", I asked quite annoyed.
"Yesterday my senior sent photos of herself . Remember the one doing M.S. at Chicago? The photos and place were awesome . Wondering if we would go there any time in our lives", she replied dreamily.
"Ya!! U.S. must be fun. No rules and total independence. Teaching is good too. All practical and less theoretical!!" I answered like I have visited U.S. a million times.
"We should go there once Subha!!", she exclaimed.
Definitely!! US is the place to be!!
And we made action like plane taking off.

A month ago,
Me:"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...eppadi irruka??" (Hi, How are you?)
Her:"Irrukaen" (Doing ok, not very optimistic)
Me: "How is Houston treating you?"
Her: "ok!"
Me: "Must be fun le?"
Her:" No, feeling very lonely. Just occupying myself so much. Nothing great here."
Her: Miss you Subha. Miss the time we studied together. Miss everyone there. Miss having people I know around. Miss the crap we did. Miss everything :("

I choked.