Thursday, May 13, 2010

14th of May- My last post at Infosys Forum :'(

The sky is orange, solitary I am here,
Oh waves! Minster of the ocean,
Carving everything on your way,
Utter the things I want you to say,
Men have come and gone,
So have their wise sayings,
You have witnessed them all,
Hence, it is your memoir now,
Teach me life, tell me words,
Caution I say, I dislike advises.
He roared with virtue,
Came with the words,
“Whatever I tell you, my child”,
“Is worthy of my experiences”

(1) Jealousy is a feeling; a basic human character. You are not a saint and so you are allowed to vent that emotion. You would feel jealous if your boy friend / girl friend praised another person or even when your own sibling is appreciated. The jealousy can be materialistic too. It is not wrong to feel jealous about something but concealing it is maturity. Don’t let jealousy get better of you.

(2) Love can teach you many things; sacrifice and selflessness. It can teach you patience and make magical things around you. But what ‘love’ can’t teach you is to ‘un-love’. Whenever broken in a relationship, move on even if it is hard. It will teach you more sacrifice, selflessness, patience and everything becomes less magical and more practical.

(3) If you looked at the mirror and want to describe yourself, you will see half your life was influenced. No, don’t blame yourself for that. Our society has been framed that way. Even when you are totally independent and plan to go out of country, you are still expected to inform someone at home.

(4)Friends are asset. I am not sure if they are your alter egos or life lines but they define who you are now. They help you grow and better yourself. Few ones stay but ones who just passed your life teach you a lot. Friends who stay give you support whatever may be the situation. Both kinds of friendship are very necessary. Don’t shrug off friendship; every person has something to teach you.

(5)Brooding is a way of venting; a passage to relieve the heaviness in the heart. Sometimes you brood about everything and anything and, sadly, to everyone and anyone. What you must understand is that when you brood to a person, remember, you need have open ears when the other person broods to you too.

(6)Everyone has regrets in life and they flash every time we are low. For instance, you might have regretted being in so-and-so college. If you look at where you are now and introspect, being in that college wouldn’t seem very significant. What I tell you is that, you will not be able to forgive yourself in your entire life if there was an opportunity in front of you and you still ignored it. Those are the greatest regrets in life. Regrets are not with what you did in life but what you didn’t.

(7)Attention is something that attracts everyone like magnet. You tend to like the person who attends to you. The more that affection showered more the liking towards the person. With affection comes expectation which can be calculated as more the affection, more the expectation. There is nothing wrong in fulfilling the expectation but too much of fulfillment would lead to adhesive closeness. At one point of time, you may wonder if you are the person who is leading your life.

(8)Work on your strengths and never be ashamed of it. Reach out your strength to everyone and you will be surprised to see how many people enjoy your work. Talents are gifts and you can afford to spend time over them. Also understand that there is no one who can advertise you other than yourself.

(9)Be practical enough to understand that you can’t be Shahrukh Khan and have fans following you. Leave that to destiny but what you can do is respect people who respect you. Be respectful enough not to intrude into other person’s privacy. No one is perfect; you are part of that ‘no one’ too.

(10) Foolish those who say forgive and forget. If you can’t forget something that someone has done to you, it is equivalent that you haven’t forgiven them. The only thing you had to is to ignore that the thing happened. We are not Buddha but we are human being.

(11) Don't ask a question you never want to answer. Don’t advise things you never want to hear. Don’t utter words that you never can take it. Don’t justify anything to someone you love. All that was given somehow comes back to you.

(12) Compromise isn’t a negative word always. There are some things you never want to compromise; your goals and ambitions but most of the others can be compromised. Understand, we don’t live just for ourselves.

(13) Lastly, nothing waits for you. Neither time nor love. Life can’t be perfect. Making the best out of the imperfection is what you must do. Only your shadow follows you.
It came to an end, the way of life,
He made a great halt and I bowed,
“The mighty old king of sea,
You teach me more than I need”
The sun hid himself leaving thee to thyself


Murthy said...

practical love. yes that's what we need to have & do :)

Rasika said...

what when why? thoughts behind this post?

subs said...




Just like that. Things that I have learnt in life. Since it was my last post, little philosophical.

PreethZzZ said...

waa waa!! rhomba too mucha irrukae!! kalakaraa orei!

subs said...


Sarcastic ah ? :'(

If not, :D thanks a lot :)