Friday, May 21, 2010

Week that was - 'B' School

My first week at B school and I havent a single soul who speaks my native language :'(
I shuttle from class to room
I lose way to mess and everywhere
I am lost in accounting class
I understand nothing of statistics either
Now, you wonder why am I here?
I wonder the same.


Rasika said...

hi fi :)

subs said...

Ras, dont tell me you are in the same situation :D:D:D If so, I am a saddist and glad :D:D

Rasika said...

hehe no im not... jus said tht to make fun of u :) hope u settle in soon :)

hantan said...

i will also face the same problem soon :D :D :D hindi, i wish i knew you..

subs said...




I will share your plight

word power said...

He he.. good post...

Don't know whether to laugh at ur post or feel pity for it...

watever i'll be in the same situation as ur's in my b school within a month...

it's been 2 years aft engg.. i hope software engg job didn't spoil me as worse as i think..

Lets see... BTW am happy someone is in the same boat as mine and i can learn it from their experience :-)

subs said...

@Word Power

Not sure if I know you. I was in the software industry for 2 years too. Join the gang :):):)

Saran said...

Am sure u don't know me... :-P

Of late I became a great fan of ur blog... I am saran.. I have already commented to few of ur topics under my name saran..

But the last two comments comes under the name word power...don't know wats the issue ?? am confused ??


subs said...


First of all, thanks a lot :)

I have no clue why it is appearing that way. Maybe you gave a link for the comments. check the link.

Maun Vision said...

very great writing skills.