Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yehaan kya ho raha hai?

My respects to the Victoria ji. Hell no! Not the queen of England but my eighth standard Hindi teacher who involuntarily threatened me to learn the Hindi language by failing me hundred times. Without her, where would I be? Lost in the green paths of ICFAI campus and joining the leagues of monkeys amongst the mango trees. My attempt with the language may be pathetic but with appropriate signals and little of dumb-charades , the message is delivered. With the message acknowledgement comes a question- are you a localite? I am glad to be recognised as "one of the south Indians" but when everyone finds out; from watchman to class lecturer, it does make me check my dressing sense more than once. One of the elites clad in salwar kameez and smiling lustfully at the thick curd that is given away in the mess does put me in the appropriate category.
My Hindi reached heights when I did frame a proper sentence with what I learnt in my eighth standard.
"First floor ka (or ki, I don't know) Kidiki kula hai"?
One of the assistants of the warden gave me a look like I had vomited on her face.
I tried again
"Uper bathroom ka kidiki kula hai?"
Like my Accounting subject staff said, 'Be clear in context when it comes a lay man.' A woman in my case :D.
She gave me the same look and I was thinking of another rephrase when she suddenly pounced on me to declare that she does not know Hindi.
Cool! I was in a greater dilemma. I need to learn the native language now.
Telugu here is totally different from what my 'golti' friends spoke. I am surprised that I was fooled by the fact that I thought I knew Telugu. So, I had to manage with mix of English and Hindi.
Adding to language hazards, I am also one of the abnormal ones to roam about the campus alone. I get looks like 'maybe a wierdo' but I must say I do enjoy certain privileges of judging people. It is not like I don't want to make friends but I am taking my own time.
Subjects on the other hand are driving me crazy. Here is a manager in the making who cant differentiate between asset and liability and especially when they are supposed to equated. When I asked my neighbour , she explained so much that put me to shame and I went on looking down at the book and acted like I was solving a very particular crisis in our country. I was double embarrassed in another incident when I interacted with my study partner only to discover that he was 'at least' three years younger to me certifying me as an 'aunty' to them .Adding to the owes, he claimed 'hamari group mei sab meri batch se hain'. It gave me a headache and I slept for 12 hours straight.
Left with very little choices,I am planning to visit the city tomorrow with people of my own age group ( My best buddy since school days) and watch a movie at IMAX. To help me wash away all the sorrows .


Rasika said...

victoria ji!! :( she always made us frown na? "namaste ji" "dhanyavad ji"... hehehe :)

subs said...


You remember her too :D. Wow! But you always scored very well in hindi :)

Vinod R Iyer said...

ek gaun mein .. ek kissan raghu ta ta :)

Nice post !

subs said...


Thats what every tamil person would say when they have no clue of the lang :D

Thanks a lot :)

Anonymous said...

i bet u cn learn hindi much better than any other southies...its nt dat difficult u kw...u jst hv to leanr differentiate b/w male("ga") and female("gi")

word power said...

hey subs.. By the way hyd'd is a great place to hang out.. and it's infrasttucture is quite better than chennai...


subs said...


On dot! Thats where every south Indian go wrong

@Word power

:):):) I am seeing it.

partha said...

HEY SUBS! How unassuming and truthful! nice post! :-) btw, i m in the middle of a lecture - first class of the final yr! :D

subs said...


Thanks da.

and ada pavi!!