Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mappillai, mami and filter kaapi - 2

I looked out for him in the gathering.Sriram,dressed in dark blue t-shirt , legs stretched across the table and discussing something with great intensity in a gang of five that I assumed would have been of trivial value .I ceased to exist from the scenario. I sported a new hairstyle and was credited as 'the best look ever' by my almost-lakme-model cousin.

Until recently,Sriram loved my hairstyle so much that he dragged it in every joke among our friends and I don't blame him. The frenzy style that could be mistaken for a squirrels nest. I had secretly tried out many ingredients over it but in vain. It refused to un-frenzy itself even with world's every ingredient over it. 'Curly hair is cute, you know', one of my friends had offered but Sriram had shown himself up at the right moment and when he heard 'cute' and 'me ' together, broke into hysterical laughs and it was my doomsday since then.

After one year of consultation with cousins, friends, sister and parents, I straightened my hair. Now it was tamed and I had to show this to him. It might shock him and leave him amazed. That is the look I wanted. But how was I to grab the attention? I saw his mother whispering something into hear. I was pretty sure he never even bothered to hear to it as he was eyeing a girl right across the table. 'idoit', I thought.I waited for his mother to leave.

I pondered. Probably I should just say a 'hi' but then that wouldn't produce the required effect. So, I planned to walk right across him and make sure he noticed. Maybe I could walk right across him calling out my sister's name loudly that he can hear. Yes, that would be it.
I trailed a path in my mind and followed it.
My voice was loud enough to fill the hall. Everyone turned their head towards me.
Yes! I grabbed the attention! Except that I landed right over my stomach, flat on the ground. The hall was silent for two microseconds and I heard giggles here and there. Sriram was not giggling;he was having a fit because of too much laughing. I got up immediately, straightened my clothes and left the place.
'Nice hairstyle!', he shouted.
'Your face!' , I replied back.


Chandrika Shubham said...

Enjoyed reaading it. :)

subs said...


Thank you :)

bitter_chocolate said...

is this really a hypothetical situation??!! :O

subs said...


Yes :)