Monday, September 6, 2010

celebrating mediocrity

We are the mediocre. No great looks, no astounding brains or any sign of achievement.
We are the jack of all trades, and truly master of none.
We are the multitaskers, and could give you a complex.
We don’t take life seriously because nobody takes us seriously.
No, we don’t have qualms about that because we don’t care.
We are allowed to make mistakes,
We judge the system and throw questions, because system is only for achievers.
We are the manipulators, the innovators and anything you see around was because of us,
People call us lazy; that we are but then, we make you feel good.
We don’t know what we want in life,
And because of the very reason, we try variety in life.
Love doesn’t come easily for us but then we never give up,
Life is a game and we take the chance.
We come out as dull but never boring; parties never happen without us.
We are masters of tactic and time consumption,
We exist, therefore we are the mediocre.

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