Monday, September 6, 2010

Don't wake me from fantasy

The world is gory dark, you make me visible,
Deep oceans and farthest skies,
Can you measure it all?
That is the intensity of my affection for you.

You can't read me, neither can I show it,
If given a chance, would die thousand deaths for you.
Life was simple, you complicated it,
Added oodles of expectations and surprises.

I was sane till you came into my life,
Despite that, burden seemed less and strength I gained.
You are the only one to make me cry,
Yet, you are the first one to wipe them away.

Where would I place all the gratitude?
Which told me that life was worth living.
If words meant all, I shall string together,
For them to end, even universe is negligible.

A request I place, till the journey to my grave,
Don't leave me to tackle the world all by myself,
Don't challenge, It is not that I can't,
But if you did, I would be only half a human

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Very Nice.........