Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A wave of disgust creeps through my body when I see some arbit minuscule objects, creatures and sorts of same kind. There is something about the very size that intrudes and strikes a resemblance to my reflection in the mirror. I have always imagined a six foot knight in shinning armour , least forgotten was that the princess had to match his height. Genes is as assorted and confused as my family and again (apart mathematic genes that skipped earlier. Post here) wasn’t passed to the rightful elder heir. Rather, it helped in growing my size horizontally than vertically.
Keeping aside the negativities of smallness, a major attribute about it is that it is considered cute, sweet and adorable but never attractive, beautiful or head turner.

Just like I try hard for everything else, I have tried more than enough to add inches to my height. Starting from the health drink that was shown in advertisement which had over attractive mother and child that stuck to her like leech but grew like earthworm.(And I am pretty sure that the “child” must be at least 15 years old who forgot to grow). Making Murphy my beloved, I quote this. Anything that is supposed to cause good, tastes/appears bad. My mother had to chase me around every day and force gallons down my throat; the taste that lingered longer than any alcohol available.

Man made innovative things with iron that we were made to hang like clothes on it . “If not the food, it can be done through exercise”, my mother claimed like God was listening to every word she said. The futile exercise was carried on for years which left my arms sore.

I was doing my part too. I enrolled in the basket ball team. The reason initially was because one the cutest guy was in the boy’s team and it was a perfect excuse. After being a substitute for years together and not getting the guy either, I gave up on the game.

We have our own excuses. In Chinese, small feet are beautiful. Most of the successful people are short, for example, Sachin Tendulkar ( No, it doesn’t include Ramesh Powar). Short people rule the world, example Hitler. But then, everyone including us know that we are just consoling ourselves.

Short people obviously become the first benchers adding woes into already miserable life. We are the most victimized in sense of cheeks being pulled and used as hand rest for anyone and everyone above our height. Photos had to be shot from down angle and people sat when posed with us. The aura around us is never intimidating and thus, we are the most approachable people ever.

I often look at the mirror and find hundred faults. That could be with anyone but I have thanked enough for having the hands, legs and everything that makes me normal. God is never unfair, its only human nature to find fault with everything.

I smiled at my reflection “thank you God for everything. But just 2 more inches please…”


Rasika said...

haha.. and who is this cute boy in school basket ball team? I am tempted to make guesses ;)

Varun said...

He he he... Humourous and insightful at the same time... BTW, how much did you drink before realizing that the taste of the health drinks lingered longer that any alcohol available?

subs said...


Shit! I forgot that my school friends read this blog :D . Dont deny Ras, it was one of the reasons :D


:D:D:D Thanks a lot. A sip was enough.

Rasika said...

i think it was the reason most of us joined the basket ball team and survived as substitutes for a long time ;)

subs said...


On dot gal ;)

Vinod R Iyer said...

Try teleshopping stuff. They seem to have solution for everything these days :D

subs said...


lolz. Thats true