Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chennai calling but no one coming!-PART I

This rambling is not for you but for me, to assure and advocate my feelings and thoughts on certain issues. I don’t want to convince anyone on this and don’t expect people to sympathize or acknowledge the facts I am going to put across. Then why am I writing this? I ask you the same, why not?

I am a south Indian, so, a part of “conservative” already exists and has been enriched more by another fact that I live in Tamil Nadu. Most people literally fear coming to any place in Tamil Nadu which includes Chennai and if you beg to differ, we can fight it out on off- record. The reasons are innumerable; food, people, climate and even the crappiest reason one can think of.

Don’t blame us for the “language barrier” that exists with us. We are the ones who could learn anything except what does not exist. Hindi, to us is like any other foreign language and to learn that, it is a necessity that we come out of our state. And that is kind of impossible looking at the opportunities that exists here.

We, the “madrasi” love our own food which includes the idli,sambhar and the curd rice. Maybe it is weird to the rest of the country as how people can survive on these foods on all four meals a day. We ask you the same, ‘aloo’ all the time?

No, we didn't ask the sun to come along this way and make it blazing hot. We hate the sun as much as anyone. Thanks to geographic location that extra pigment of melanin has been imbibed in our skins. We have to fight the quota system and hence, can’t fight the sun. If you ask any child what 69% means to him (except the pervert spoilt brats), he would say a huge margin. That is the quota system in our state. Even we are confused as in how so many castes entered our state. The so-called-forward-caste is nowhere forward in any aspect but no one would believe here.

Brahmins can be hated here. Maybe this is the strongest argument I have ever put across but I believe there are some prejudices that need to be cleared. ‘They will not move around with anyone and talk to none other than their own clan’. Sigh! I thought that it was a norm in our country. ‘They are proud and arrogant of their caste’. Bull! Just give me a reason to be proud about. I am someone who can’t read a tamil sentence straight, let alone read the Vedas and other chants. The only reason I am a Brahmin is that two elderly people chose two from their own clans to come together and get married. I have made no contribution to the “upper caste” .

I have not been to many places but I am aware of the myths and preconceived notions that surround our place. We are learning from our past and mending ways where we bound to be wrong. The food is not bad as you think, people are not conservative old types as everyone says and lungi is not our official dress!

P.S.; More parts yet to come.