Saturday, April 23, 2011

the instincts

Her & Him: New to place. Just a week.

Me :Been at the place for 2 months. Knows everyone quite well.

Her: "I am hungry, lets have lunch".

Me:" Lunch hour at office is from 1 - 2. Fifteen more minutes." (Not looking up from my desktop)

Her: "Come on! who follows the rules anyway. Lets go!" ( a little persuasive)

Him: Hmmmm...ya! I am hungry too. Lets go.

Me: "Hey! People at office will stare at us. Lets eat when everyone does."

Him:"Who is bothered about us here to notice?"

Me: "That is not the point. If we some one notices us today, then we will be the talk of the day." (A little irritated)

Her: Were you a 'first bencher' at school?

Me(shocked): "How did you know?!!"

Giggles. Laughter.


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