Monday, May 2, 2011

Halogen killer

How naïve can we be? How ignorant in spite of all the education? Only after IndiBlogger declared this contest, did I ever bother to look it up in google. And to my shock, there was not a single thing about the harmful effects in first few pages.

I remember the times I spent in the swimming pool when I was 13 years old. I was fascinated by the deep blue colour that resembled the beaches that were portrayed in the bollywood movies. In an attempt to do a back stroke just like those heroines in the movies, I ended up gulping in tons of water. The taste was just the opposite of the beautiful sight. The other senses were awakened too. The smell was as bad as the taste.

There are millions of hotel and commercial pools in our country. Each of them needs to be maintained to retain their customers. This is the reason chlorine is added into the pool.

With many people using the same pool every day, it is obvious that the pool collects various containments like lotions,dirt,oil etc.

To clean this, chlorine is added to the pool.

Most pools contain both good chlorine and bad chlorine. The good chlorine is called free chlorine and is capable of killing germs. Bad chlorine, on the other hand, is called "combined chlorine" and is a poor germ killer.

Too much combined chlorine in your pool causes the strong chlorine odor. When the combined chlorine level reaches 0.2 ppm or more, it is time to shock your water. Shocking will eliminate the odor.

Routine shock treatment is necessary to destroy combined chlorine compounds and restore the chlorine sanitizer to "free chlorine" efficiency. A pool can be shock treated by adding large doses of chlorine, commonly referred to as superchlorination, or by adding a non-chlorine shock such as OXY-BRITE.

The shock treatment can be done with both chlorine and non chlorine substance. The non chlorine substance scores over the chlorine substance as it does cause any harm to person or clothing.

If such a thing as non chlorine treatment is available, why not go for it? By using these substances, most of the lives can be saved.

Why am I getting sentimental to mention life? Yes, the TCCA (Tirchloroisocyanuric acid) used to purify waters in the swimming pools can cause cancer. The dangers are as bad as the abbreviation of the acid.

This TCCA is not just used in pools but also in many households. Do you own a water purifier? Got yourself fooled again? Most of the purifiers also contain TCCA as a purifying agent.

What can be done?

· Raise voice against chlorine usage

· Use the medium like facebook to communicate to others

· Get people to read on the harmful effects

· When you come across pools or households using chlorine, warn them

As a citizen, it is very important to raise voice. Let us not delve in ignorance again.

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