Friday, May 20, 2011

Realm of reality

Wise said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Meandering that beauty make not exist in reality

It cannot be defined because it seems not permanent

But, defying that, I say beauty is permanent,

Or that is what it should have been.

Beauty, like every other instilling character, has passed through innumerable stages. It has been defined as external appearance and some other time, an internal embracement. Of all faults of men, this is one: to define beauty in the first place. It is the first nature of human to complicate things and most of the times, in contradictory to what should be made simple is made complex.

Beauty is such a thing in the ever unforgiving traits of generations. Two pairs of eyes see more than one and even more, interpret more than needed. If I say a particular thing is beautiful, would you agree with me? Beauty is opined according to every individual and let us keeps that distinct as it is. Let us give each the freedom to what he thinks is beautiful rather than allowing him to define it.

Shouldn’t beauty be last longing? Wars were fought, kingdoms were brought down and mythologies, histories were written. This might indicate beauty should have lasted long than few minutes of encounter or few hours of prejudice. If mistakes were made because of this very feeling, should it not be a part of seven deadly sins?

Is beauty a thing or a feeling hidden amongst the intricate gathering of emotions? Is it to be experienced or to be watched over carefully? I don’t understand the nature of it. Maybe it is one of the intriguing mysteries unraveled and better left that way.

Beauty is more invisible than air and even tasteless like water. It has no foundations to hold upon and stand for itself. In other words, beauty just looks out for a medium. It is like the salvation, free from something to get something else yet unknown. It is as dangerous as the unknown and as simple as a baby’s laugh.

Beauty can be omnipresent like God or be God Himself. After all, we did see God in many things. Didn't we?

Now, you ask me to define beauty.

A mother bears all pain to bring her child into this world. This is beauty.

A lover sacrifices everything to get her. This is beauty.

A soldier stands in between the divides and does not know for whom he is holding the gun. This is beauty.

A friend runs to help the other, come whatever may. This is beauty.

To put in simple words, beauty, to me, is the white light. It is sacrifice, pleasure, happiness, forgiveness, trust, care and everything that exist within God’s creation.

If there is anything that is going to make you content and show you the purpose of existence like a human being, it is beautiful.

Beauty is permanent.

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Renga said...

.. and this one is a beautiful piece of writing :)

Subha said...


Thanks a lot. Do you have a blog? Please do share the link.

Renga said...

Subha.. I write kavithais and most of them are in paper pencil format as I love it that way. but i do have some of them in soft format..can share it with u if you are interested .

Subha said...

Sure Renga, you can :)

Someone is Special said...

I love your poem a lot.... just so beautiful you know.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

Someone is Special

Subs said...

@Someone is special

Thanks :)

Your poem was beautiful too.

Mahesh Kalaal said...

as an anthropologist/agnostic i may not agree with the permanency of beauty as the beauty is based on the physical cognition of the receiver or interpreter or preceptor ...

And my opinion on beauty is completely opposite to what you have written here.

anyways, al d best :)

Subs said...


Thanks for your comments.

I say it is not based on any beholder. It is shapeless and ever in existence that it passes from one form to other.

One should never define beauty because it is vast , vague and never to be understood. It is like explaining black to a blind.

All the best to you too :)