Saturday, May 7, 2011

Who am I?

  • I am an Indian: Emotion is a weapon of defense and strategy
  • I am an Indian girl: I have been stereotyped
  • I am an Indian aspirant: USA still is a top priority
  • I am a south Indian girl: Most of sex knowledge comes from books
  • I am an Indian reader: I used to love Sidney Sheldon. For all wrong reasons.
  • I am an Indian Sportswoman: I played basket ball, not for passion but to increase height
  • I am an Indian B school student: Facebook is my breath
  • I am an Indian Electronics Engineer: I did everything except understanding electronics
  • I am an Indian daughter: I am a display doll in other marriages
  • I am an Indian sister: I am used for comparison
  • I am an Indian foodie: I look at the price before eating
  • I am an Indian movie buff: Regional language movies are for watching and English for discussing
  • I am an Indian educationalist: Speaking will get me anywhere
  • I am an Indian employee: The more I sit, harder I seem to work
  • I am an Indian spender: Food always seem taste better in roadside shops
  • I am an Indian consumer: I buy a dress from a big brand and look for an occasion
  • I am an Indian traveler: Bargaining with auto driver is my right!
  • I am an Indian counselor: I have an advice for anyone and everyone on the road
  • I am an Indian supporter: I would support both a cricketer and an activist even if they oppose each other
  • I am an Indian activist: To me, religion is a cause and an excuse
  • I am an Indian writer: I try my best to please others


Vinod R Iyer said...

I am an indian blogger:I aspire to write a book, when that privilege goes to the B-schoolers

Where was the like button again ?

subs said...


Like button has all spoilt :)

karthick r said...

loved the aspirant,movie buff, daughter part :)
I am an Indian B school student: Facebook is my breath.
Even the rest of the folklore are equally immersed in FB[including me]. :). why the B schools alone?

subs said...

@Karthick R

Thanks a lot for the comment :)
They are bloody jobless, more than anyone!

dhruv said...

Liked the clarity. Though could not follow why religion is a cause and an excuse?... pls elaborate if u have time. Keep writing.

subs said...


Thanks a lot. My small example : Religion is the cause for many riots and an excuse in an intercaste marriage.

anjali said...

Loved it Subha...Keep writing !!!

Subs said...


thanks a lot :)