Sunday, June 12, 2011

If God rested

12th December, 2012, 15: 45 p.m.
He waited for her over the big monitor that has been his only partner for past few decades.
In less than few seconds, she appeared.
“Are you sure?”, he asked in subtle voice that ensured no fear and coveted reply.
“Absolutely”, she replied.
“Dextera Domini”, he said in his breathe and almost a mumble.
“Means the right hand of God. If they work out their plan and execute accordingly, rest assured that the entire world would be convinced”. She emphasized on the ‘entire world’.
“Can it be done scientifically? Bring darkness over light?”, he asked for the thousandth time.
She knew he had something in mind and would stress on a question until he was satisfied. It was her duty to give him the information.
“It pertains to the fundamentals of quantum physics. Light and darkness are mere illusions of mind. Light and darkness are part of the same spectrum with different names. Darkness just consists of wavelengths of various radio, microwave, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray and gamma rays. If they are emitted in the right quantities, they constitute the darkness”.
“So, it is possible”, he asked again.
“Yes, it is”, she answered again. This time frustration emerged in the conversation. She hid her face behind the 4-D signals monitor. The signal indicated the urgency of the message.
“What is the ultimate motive?”, he questioned. This time he at least seemed to take the conversation further.
“Chaos”. Her one word reply.
“Chaos?”, he asked genuinely perplexed.
“Chaos is the pivot of confusion, untrustworthy, doubts, fear and tends to set human to extreme measures. It makes sure that no one depends on the system. And by this, no one bothers about norms and there is no setting in the society. It is like an epidemic break”, she explained satisfied by her own understanding.
“So, it cant be stopped. People will stop believing in the system and us. There would be murders and suicides.”, he added to her explanation.
“Not just murders, but genocides. People will think that killing is their right. It would involve another survival of the fittest. Dextera Domini believe they are sent by God to destroy everything. Just like the Ark of Noah”, she explained to indicate the seriousness.
“This must be stopped”, he claimed.
She felt this was the first time he said something wise. She didn’t reply to him. She remained calm and allowed him to think.
“How did they convince that the world would end?”, he asked.
‘Questions again’, she thought. “Sir, the means of communication is much more complex and far reaching”, she almost smirked in reply.
“No. How did they say that the world would end?”, he asked more clearly.
“They said that the earth would rotate the opposite direction. This indicates that the places that have sun would become dark and vice versa. This would be followed by cyclones and any other factors that might exist in this phenomena”, she uttered clearly.
“Which simply indicates that they would induce darkness and light at appropriate places and chaos would follow”, he nodded in reply.
“Where are their reactors placed?”, he asked the final question.
She gave him six combinations of longitudes and latitudes. “You will have to destroy every of them before their operation begins. Good luck Sir”. With these words she disappeared.
He called the operator and gave the instructions.
12th December ,2012, 23: 53 p.m.
He was sure of their system and perfect execution of commands. More than three fourth of his officers were sent to do the job. There were instant five calls assuring him that the reactors have been taken care of. The sixth reactor, bigger and rumoured to be set on first was still not destroyed.
He was waiting for that one call. A success call that assured him a promotion and the world to look up to their organization. One call that might restore faith in human race.
The communicator blinked.
“Yes?”, he asked.
“We destroyed the all the reactors”, the voice spoke.
“Brilliant !” , he claimed.
“I am not very sure , Sir", voice lowered not in secrecy but in pain.
“What do you mean?”, he screamed.
"There has been spilling. We can see darkness flow right before our eyes.It seems that the reactors continue to function even after being hit.”, voice panicked.“The operation continues because the reactors cannot be destroyed by mere weapons. It was all programmed. We should have hit the source code.”, voice explained.
He slumped into the chair. Everything seemed to fade before his eyes.
12th December ,2012, 00:04 a.m.
Chaos was set out. Dextera Domini succeeded.


Vinothraj J said...

Nice. Somehow reminded me of the ending of Watchmen.

Subs said...

Thanks a lot Vinoth :)

Anonymous said...

Ending wasnt good da.. that apart, it was another lovely read.. i always start reading with a notion to find mistakes, criticize etc.. but u write soooo well that i got lost into the plot..
the ending was not good.. somehow didnt like it.. it could ve been better thought out..

Subs said...


You seem to speak at both ends that I am not even able to figure whether it is good or bad :(

Thanks a lot for saying "lovely read " :)

Sandy said...

Nice one Subhashree :)

Subs said...

Thanks a lot Sandy :)

Raveena said...

Science students continue to haunt me!

Subs said...


Ha ha ha ha ha. They just 'try' to. Can never do in reality.