Monday, February 20, 2012

Quantifying the qualification!

Ten reasons why going back to corporate is freaking me:

(1) No concept of "bunking" . Its either casual leave/earned leave/paid leave and the blah.

(2) Friends are rare even if you ate with the same person everyday. They are your colleagues. You can share lunch but you cant exchange theirs with yours. Get the point?

(3) No cribbing or abusing. The exit doors exist in all corners.

(4) Time runs. You run. Boss runs after you.None of them have the count.

(5) Deadlines are there to kill you. Literally.

(6) Speaking less is way better. Get it, IBS?

(7) Early morning doesnt mean 10 a.m.

(8) To get on top , you need to put in an extra effort. But all your peers are doing the same. Deadlock.

(9) Laptops are not cool any more. They just mean more work.

(10) Movies will be watchd in theatre. Willing to bet?

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