Monday, April 21, 2008

The last stand..

Lethargy can be a part of your life but sometimes it tends to set your life apart; even if it is your usual semester examination. There are times when you hate a subject which conveniently adds on to your woes. One such subject was computer architecture ,way back in third year.

CA classes were for activities like sleeping, dreaming, writing records under desk, chatting everything except listening. I am not even sure what the staff attempted to teach as I was stubborn not to listen. The internals don’t pose a threat because cramming in the answers the day before and during the long tiresome bus journey was more than enough to score decent. The questions were always predictable.

You realize that the time has flown only when the semester exams are around the corner. Perfect for get-together…ooops..I mean the effective combine studies. The CA exam was in another two days when my friend and I realized that we had done nothing.
If I were the VC of our university, I would make sure that the exams are never in May because the sun and books do their magic and make us sleep; even in the exam hall.

Big fat foreign author books are very good. They explain concepts clearly but strictly not recommended for people who study the day before the exam. After some desperate search for a local author book, we got only one copy and decided to share. We made our avowals and swore to do some serious study the next day and worked on a plan.

Our study strategy’s first step was to invite two more people to help us. My sister and another friend were chosen. The pathetic part was that my sister was in eleventh and the friend was doing medicine!!They seemed much more focussed than we were. The problem was one book and 4 people.Trrrrrr…the book was torn into four sections-chapter 1 & 2 with me and rest distributed among others.Chapters are always framed this way-first easy,second long but doable,third and fourth hard, and fifth..I am not sure.I have never reached till there in any semester.The two tables in my room were occupied by sister and me and friends made themselves comfortable on the bed.My Engineering friend slept more than she read.The room was silent was 3 hours and the first to speak was my doctor friend(that’s how I am going to refer her ) who had read the entire chapter assigned and was ready to pour out whatever grasped ;much to our embarrassment.She did her best and we dealt the rest ourselves.In this way most of the syllabus was done.My sister was excited about the entire process and asked questions,to which we, obviously ,didn’t know the answers. Two of them left early while my engineering friend stayed till late night.The subject was done to satisfactory level.

The next day,after usual hustle-bustle in the corridor and last minute cramming, I entered the hall and prayed extra hard.I found that I wrote more than I had learnt but that is what I call tactics.Everyone described that paper as tough, so that left me in safe zone as the correction would be lenient. My friend too had done her best .During the time-gap between the exam and result,we promised that we would be more serious about exams and many other things (which we have never followed till date). We waited for the results anxiously which came out in another two months.

Much to out relief,we managed to scrap through!! My mother was shocked to see a ‘just pass’ but I gave my innocent ‘I –don’t-know- what-went-wrong’ look.She grumbled about something-the university or me I couldn’t hear.I rang up the other friend and told her the result and bribed my sister not to tell the inside story.

After all that was over,I made it a point to not to repeat this last minute study again as luck would not favour a person always.

Having read just four lines from my ‘entire’ Mobile Communication’s book, I was bugged and so began to write this article. By the way, the exam is in another 2 days.

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